Truck Transportation

Regular Truck Transportation

Texas International Freight is a fully licensed and bonded truck  transportation carrier with USDOT.

USDOT: 2374129 
MC 809878

LTLConventional Trucking
Less-than-truckload (LTL) is used for smaller truck freight loads.  This type of cargo is on the one hand too large to be shipped as parcel.  And on the other hand, it is too small to fill an entire trailer.  Typically, smaller truck transportation shipments are consolidated into full containers and/or truckloads, and then transported to the destination after passing through distribution hubs.  Shipping by LTL offers significant savings over shipping the same load in a dedicated truck.  Texas International Freight has contacts with all of the major consolidated trucking companies in the US.  We can help book freight and make sure your cargo arrives anywhere in the lower 48, Alaska, plus Mexico and Canada, in a matter of days.  Our Volume Discount Contracts with the LTL carriers enable us to offer our customers prices that no one can beat.  Our service level is second to none.


If your truck transportation needs urgent, Texas International Freight offers Hotshot trucking as well.  We have a variety of kinds of trucks with teams of drivers that can move your cargo extremely quickly over a number of state lines in time critical scenarios.

For bulky, heavy pieces of cargo or for multiple items, trucking by means of a flatbed or dry van from the site to port, or from site to our export packing facility is something we do every day. If you are unsure if your cargo is suitable for full truck load (FTL) or if you need dedicated, hot shot trucking, contact us.  Texas International Freight is a reliable and disciplined FTL and LTL servicer.  We can handle all of your truck transportation needs.

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