Offshore Technology Conference could be called Break Bulk Conference

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Offshore Technology Conference could be called Break Bulk Conference

Offshore Technology Conference 2019 (AKA Break Bulk Conference II)

OTC is here again. Every May, drilling contractors, original equipment manufacturers, and offshore supply companies come to Houston for the largest oil and gas show in the United States. Last year’s attendance was down from the previous. (The best attended conference was with 90,000 attendees.) The Offshore Technology Conference this year is expects to see 100,000 visitors. There will be multiple state governors, two thousand exhibitors and professionals from 120 countries. For break bulk shipping companies, oil and gas logistics companies, and freight forwarders in Houston, the exhibits show what will be moving in a few month’s time. Logistics professionals think of OTC as if it was the another break bulk conference.

Break Bulk Matters

The main draw of the conference is the exhibitors. They number in the thousands and represent every market and field that is related to the oil and gas industry. Because of the strong international presence, break bulk logistics companies have a strong interest in attending this sort of break bulk conference and meeting as many possible customers as possible. However, not all freight forwarders can handle break bulk shipments. Sometimes the larger the company, the more difficulty they have in handling complicated moves. The secret to doing break bulk and project logistics well is not in offering the cheapest solution. You can’t scale economies or standardize the process. Break bulk shipping is complicated. No two jobs are alike. Thus, massing materials, personnel and turning projects into systematized plans never works. It actually hurts.

(The other main draw for OTC every year is the extravagant parties!)

It’s what you know

Freight forwarders either know break bulk and oil and gas logistics or they do not. If a huge freight forwarder concentrates all of its efforts in 1000 of thumb drives from China, they don’t have any idea about how to move a drill rig. Heavy hauling and drill rig moving seem to be the same thing in concept as shipping anything else. In other words, both move something from here to there. But the details show that there is nothing in common: not in equipment, not in personnel, and not in expertise.

What OTC can teach the buyer of freight services

When walking around Reliant Stadium, take a look at the equipment. Ask yourself, “How did that get to this spot? Where did it come from? Did it get damaged? ” Ask if it was important to have a dependable freight forwarder? To ask these questions is to answer them. It’s obvious that not just any freight forwarder can handle the large and sophisticated machinery shown at OTC (aka Break Bulk Conference II). One needs a dependable freight company specialized in break bulk shipping, oil and gas logistics, and heavy haul.

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