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Export Packing Company

Flat rack containersSome know that we are an export packing company for large projects like moving factories or installing refineries. However, we also are an export packing company for smaller freight that needs crating, skidding, and palletizing. We can work offsite or cut costs by bringing your cargo to our yards. We can export pack for air, ocean, and hazardous materials. We’ve been helpful as an export packing company for large, multi-million dollar break bulk projects to more normal, run of the mill work making small crates for air freight shipping. We have a range of export packing services in Houston and we partner with a few specialists to provide the best export crating solution for your need.

Some of the Export Packing services we offer:

  • Crating and Packing
  • Hood boxing/crating
  • Strapping, skidding and bundling (for cargo like pipe and rebar)
  • Plastic wrapping, shrink wrapping, sealed foil wrapping that is water and dustproof
  • We use only ISPM15 Wood (heat-treated wood and/or fumigation)
  • Dangerous goods/HAZMAT Packing
  • Ocean container loading
  • Blocking and Bracing of Standard containers
  • Top loading into Open top containers
  • Lashing and securing of flat rack containers
  • Out-of-gauge/breakbulk crating, skidding, saddling and more

Most countries require ISPM 15 compliant packing when cargo enters their territory. Some countries demand even more specialized compliance. Australia and New Zealand demand letters or certificates of compliance from the party who has export packed the material. Chile demands fumigation of used equipment with special chemical treatments. It’s important to know these things before cargo is loaded on to the vessel. At that point it is too late.

To be sure you are not risking your cargo to damage or to rejection by a foreign country’s customs authorities, contact a reputable export packing company like Texas International Freight. Our export crating services offer reliability, security,cost saving solutions for your freight.

Contact us to see what we can do for everything from your project freight to a small piece of sensitive equipment to ship by air.

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