How to Ship Seamless Pipe

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How to Ship Seamless Pipe

Shipping PipeSeamless pipe is in high demand these days.  It is in extremely high demand in Australia and New Zealand.  Those two countries have decided to have National Broadband Networks. These networks’ fiber optics require the use of very small OD seamless pipe. So, we get a lot of inquiries into how to ship seamless pipe from the United States. Seamless Pipe is also used in the energy industry. The shale plays use seamless pipe.  They source from overseas vendors. Texas International Freight can assist in helping its customers understand how to ship seamless pipe for both import and export.

Seamless pipe usually shipped by ocean in containers and in smaller amounts as LCL (less-than-container). Bundling can be done with metal straps as pictured to the right. At times, it is necessary to ship seamless pipe by air. But it has small outside diameter (OD), so it is easily managed in bundles. In either scenario, the is a definite skill in ensuring the shipping goes well.

How to ship seamless pipe by ocean demands knowing how to stuff, block, and brace containers. Also, LCL bundles need to be situated in the containers properly. Our facilities, partners, and seamless pipe suppliers have extensive experience with the containerization process. We implement processes to safely and cost effectively ship all over the world. We can even arrange for SGS and Bureau Veritas inspections should they be required.

Texas International Freight knows how to ship seamless pipe with respect to its crating, containerization, pick up, foreign country delivery, and export and legalization documentation.  Our expertise in shipping seamless pipe enables us to pass own cost saving methods and means to our customers make it very easy to ship this commodity worldwide.  If you have seamless pipe that you need to import into the U.S. or export from the U.S., contact us.  If you are a foreign buyer or seller that needs shipping quotes, contact us.  We serve seamless pipe users and sellers worldwide.

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