Importing Heavy Equipment to the United States

importing heavy equipments

Importing Heavy Equipment to the United States

importing heavy equipments

Texas International Freight recently helped import this Liebherr Crane from Germany to the United States. We performed the customs clearance for this shipment.

Importing and Shipping Heavy Equipment

Clearing US Customs is an integral part of importing heavy equipment to the United States. Other services needed are ocean or air freight, agent coordination with counterpart in the exporting country, terminal handling, and end destination delivery. This move, among a host of others, ensures your heavy equipment, imports and exports are shipped safely.  Furthermore, this proves you can benefit with Texas International Freight when importing heavy equipment to the United States.

Moving Machinery Internationally

Sourcing heavy equipment and related products on both sides of the border is an important part of our customers’ business. Texas International Freight is a leader in moving machinery internationally. Our work and expertise remove any concerns you may have when shipping heavy equipment worldwide.

Logistics for International Shipments, and Heavy Equipment

We work diligently to ensure the proper processes are followed and documents such as Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Certificate or Origins, EPA forms are completed, and terminal handling is taken care of.

If you are looking at hauling oilfield skids, cranes, excavators, forklifts or any other piece of heavy equipment you will need. Whether you are exporting or importing your heavy equipment, we will guide you and explain the process, which documents are needed, and identify when major steps in shipping happen.

Transportation of Heavy Cargo

Heavy lift cargo products like this crane are often customized orders that take months, sometimes even years, to produce. If the item is damaged it will cause serious problems. Therefore, having a dependable freight forwarder is necessary for a successful transportation of heavy cargo. A well-functioning team is highly motivated and flexible to handle such critical situations better and faster.

Importing heavy equipment to the United States, getting it to the end destination is always challenging. Heavy lift items are sophisticated and expensive. Depend on Texas International Freight a successful shipment.

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