Oil and Gas Logistics – Flow Tees

Dec 18, 2011 | Air cargo, General

Logistics Flow Tees

Texas International Freight’s Oil and Gas Logistics services recently shipped these two massive Flow Tees. Flow Tees are used in midstream delivery. Oil and Gas logistics demands shipping on very short notice. The pictured cargo went to the Far East by air freight. These flow tees are designed for the pipeline, specifically to allow maximum fluid flow through a branch connection as a pipeline pig or sphere passes the opening.

Pipeline and Oilfield shipments are difficult for most freight companies due to the highly specialized knowledge required. Every country has its own customs regulations. Many countries that have oil and gas are difficult to ship. Sometimes it is bureaucratization, sometimes it is protectionism, sometimes it is incompetence or laziness. We have been doing oil and gas logistics in so many countries for so long, we know how to deal with each of these issues.

Also, vendors in oil and gas logistics vary in speciality and in focus. Texas International Freight has developed deep contacts with very capable vendors in all major oil producing countries. Some are better at delivering the last mile in Saudi Arabia. Others are adept at getting cargo through Brazilian customs with little fuss. If you are having a hard time with your oil and gas logistics provider in any step of the delivery process, call us. Texas International Freight can help. It’s common that logistics companies do not have good business connections with the right companies and suppliers. It is also common that logistics companies do not have the right personal connections in their vendor companies.

If your freight forwarder is not regularly involved in oil and gas logistics, trusting something like the pictured equipment with them is something only a professional gambler might like.