Oil and Gas Logistics Houston

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Oil and Gas Logistics Houston

Oil and Gas Logistics Houston
Oil Country Tubular Goods

Texas International Freight is a full-service international shipping company based in Houston, Texas.  We have a strong focus in oil and gas logistics.  Texas International Freight personnel have extensive experience in shipping oil field equipment worldwide, from door to door.

Pictured above are several thousand of cubic meters of OCTG pipe that are shipped on a continuous basis to customers in the Middle East.  Shipping large amounts of oil pipe and tubulars by ocean vessel can be an intimidating business.  But it does not need to be.  If you use a company focused on oil and gas logistics, you will not have headaches or pitfalls. Vessel demurrage that costs $10,000’s per day, port storage charges that are also $10,000 per day due to customs entry issues, and truck delays are all threats to a safe and secure voyage.  Normally, shipping overseas works well.  However, when things go bad, they can go very bad and in a real hurry.  Cover your bases beforehand by going with a reputable oil and gas logistics provider like Texas International Freight

Shipping Means

Many times oil and gas logistics require an ocean vessel charter or an air cargo charter.  Texas International Freight can help OEMs charter such cargo ships and cargo planes to the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa.  Texas International Freight has the focus, the knowledge and the connections to be a highly capable oil and gas logistics company, capable of helping its customers deliver worldwide.

Most freight companies are not focused in Oil and Gas Logistics. Other companies make the claim, but lack the deep knowledge needed to be any good at it. Still, other extremely large freight forwarders have a lot of well-intentioned employees, but the company politics and bureaucracy are too big to be able to act nimbly, dynamically, and effectively when faced with new situations.

Oil and Gas Logistics
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Oil and Gas Logistics
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Texas International Freight,
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Telephone No.(713) 588-4413
Texas International Freight ships project cargo and break bulk logistics by ocean vessel and aircraft.
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