Oil and Gas Logistics in Texas

Drill ships

Oil and Gas Logistics in Texas

"Bully and Globetrotter"
Noble’s Drill Ships in the Gulf of Mexico

In late  April of 2010, the Globetrotter Drill ship (pictured along with the “Bully”) docked in Galveston for a short period of time to undergo repairs, maintenance, and fresh supplies.  Texas International Freight shipped an assortment of very time sensitive equipment from Europe to the drill ship over a period of a week/ten days.  Some shipments were so urgent that a hand carry was required to bring the part from the factory in Europe, land in Houston Intercontinental, and drive to Galveston — sometimes over the weekend.  Texas International Freight’s capabilities were called into action.  Our Oil and Gas Logistics service helped coordinate these urgent delivers, assisted in clearing customs with expert advice and counsel.  Our company helped convince US Customs and Border Patrol to work overtime to clear cargo, we coordinated multiple hotshots to/from Galveston, to and from various airports with international service, Southern Louisiana, and West Texas. This high level of service was not unusual.  Oil and Gas Logistics in Texas demands this sort of hands-on attention all the time. The new discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico require more service companies with dynamic offerings to support the work going on offshore.

Critical Paths

The critical factor of these moves was that the drills ships were scheduled to go back out to the Gulf to work at date certain, no matter what items did or did not make it.   The operators had their schedule to oblige.  The suppliers had their own schedule as well.  We Houston freight forwarders had another schedule to work under.  Sometimes these schedules do not marry up perfectly.  As the project freight forwarders who specialize in oil and gas logistics in Texas, it is our job to coordinate the members in the transportation process.  We push, plead, entice, cajole, and generally “bird-dog” the carriers, drivers, pilots, agents, and brokers till the freight gets to the final location.  Oil and Gas logistics in Texas is just this sort of work: urgent, crucial, demanding of a company’s resources, and rewarding — both professionally and personally — if done correctly.

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