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Shipping Grain China

Shipping Grain ChinaTexas International Freight ships grain, corn, and sorghum to China.

Crop production is booming in the U.S.  Grain and corn prices are the lowest they’ve been in four years. Chinese commodity prices have remained high due to Chinese government subsidies. This means there is an incentive for the Chinese to import corn. Also, China recently lifted import bans of GMO Syngenta Corn.  This took place in December 2014.  So, there is a new product that interests the Chinese.

There is another reason commodity prices increase.  As the Texas Farm Bureau reports, the growing Chinese middle class means rising food pork and milk prices. Corn is the primary feedstock in the production of high-grade meats and dairy products. This is good news for Texas farmers.  It is good news for those wanting to export grain through the Port of Houston to China. More demand for a good means ship lines take note in hopes of higher profits. Shipping Grain China from Texas or from any other port in the US is thus easier to do now.

Grain, Corn, Sorghum, and other Agra-commodities ship to China by tramper, by time charter, or by liner service.  The determinants of what sort of ship service is used are things like loading and discharge rates, terminal or pier used, tonnage being shipped (both frequency and per shipment amounts), and expected ship dates. Once a customer knows these, pricing is easier to get.

The last element in shipping bulk commodities is quality control.  A third party inspection service is usually requested to protect the buyer’s interests. Texas International Freight can help in hiring the 3rd party surveyors, in Letter of Credits, and in finding the right ship for your cargo.

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