Export Packing

Export Packing Services

Texas International Freight offers export packing and export crating as well as warehousing services. Our export packing services fit the customer’s schedule, needs, and budget.

Boxing, Crating, Skidding, and Packing

export crating

Texas International Freight prepares cargo for export packing using export rated wood on our pallets, crates, and skids. We use ISPM 15 wood or particle board for air shipments. We can provide several different levels of protection by using wax paper, shrink wrapping, vacuum packing, and desiccation. Also, we can also offer full container fumigation.  Last, we can build whatever is needed for export – saddles, skids, heavy timbered sleds, etc.

Material Receiving

Export Packing

Texas International Freight checks all material received against export documentation as part of our export packing process. We make Material Receipts for the customer to ensure safe delivery and minimize overages, shortages, and missing pieces.


Texas International Freight loads, braces, blocks, strips, secures and lashes all types of containers and flatracks as part of our export packing and export crating services.  We can load, block, and brace at our facilities in Houston or at partner facilities throughout the US at all major ports.

Off Site Packing

Offsite mobilization of export packing crews to a manufacturer’s facilities is available upon request. Or, we can send our crews to help crate at the port, or to other locations as needed. Our packing crews are expert workmen who have many years in the industry.

Staging and Storing

Texas International offers thousands of square feet of warehousing space and approximately 30 acres of staging grounds near the Port of Houston. We also have access to similarly sized lots and export packing facilities in most every major port in the U.S., such as Savannah, Chicago, LA, Seattle, New York/New Jersey, Baltimore, to name a few. We have warehouse facilities for putting smaller pieces on skids and pallets. For very large pieces of break bulk cargo, we have large yards fitted with heavy duty gantry cranes.

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