Less than Container (LCL) – LCL Freight Shipping.

Less-than-Container-Load ( LCL ) shipping is used for smaller freight parcels.  For example, pallets, crates, and skids are LCL. These smaller loads are not big enough to fill out an entire container by themselves so, numerous smaller shipments from various shippers are consolidated into full containers with other pallets and crates. Then the entire container is transported to the end destination port. After lading overseas, the container is devanned and de-consolidated. With the aid of our agents, we ship the crate, pallet, etc to your buyer’s door.

Shipping smaller dimensional cargo via LCL offers significant savings over shipping the same smaller load in its own container or sending it on a plane. Texas International Freight offers LCL shipping to most major ports and destinations throughout the world. We also are able to bring LCL shipments for American buyers into the US, especially from our hub in Houston. We can then transport to other major US ports, such as New Orleans, San Antonio, Amarillo and many others. Of course, Texas International Freight offers palletization, skidding, and export crating to help facilitate this. Please contact us and we will shepherd your cargo to its destination.

Less Than Container (Lcl)

Can You Ship Less Than a Container?

It is possible to ship less than a container, which is known as less than container load (LCL) shipping. LCL shipping is a type of cargo shipping service where the shipper can book a certain amount of space within a container, and share the container with other shippers who are also shipping less than a full container load. This allows companies or individuals with smaller shipments to benefit from the economies of scale offered by containerized shipping.

LCL shipping is typically used for smaller shipments that do not require a full container, but are too large to be shipped by courier or postal services. LCL shipping is particularly useful for businesses that import or export goods in smaller quantities, as it allows them to save on shipping costs and avoid the need to wait until they have a full container load before shipping their goods.

One of the key benefits of LCL shipping is that it offers greater flexibility in terms of cargo volume and cost. Shippers can book as much or as little space as they need, and only pay for the space that they use, which can help to reduce transportation costs. LCL shipping also allows for more frequent shipments, as businesses can ship smaller quantities of goods more frequently, rather than waiting until they have enough cargo to fill a full container.

Overall, LCL shipping is a popular and cost-effective option for businesses and individuals who need to ship smaller quantities of goods, and is widely used in global trade.


International Courier Service

We also offer a discount courier service for documents and parcels weighing less than 150 pounds and with no dimension exceeding 3 feet. Texas International Freight has a number of volume discount contracts with courier services that allow us to offer prices with deep discounts not available to the general public. While more remote areas are sometimes not well serviced, major and highly populated destinations throughout the world are. We can have the item picked up at your place of business and delivered to your customer’s door in just a few days.

International Courier Service
Please call 877-489-9184 for quoting information or visit our contact page. We are pleased to be able to offer quotes for these services, sometimes within the same business day, depending on the complexity of the shipment.