shipping machinery from UK

When you are shipping machinery from the UK to the USA, you have the option of air or sea freight. While it takes longer, sea freight is more cost-effective, particularly for when you are handling heavier cargo. At Texas International Freight, we offer a number of solutions for your freight-forwarding needs.

coronavirus Supply chain

Covid-19 is spreading like wildfire, affecting almost every sector of the global economy. Transportation has been hit hard by this global pandemic, manufacturing in China is almost coming to a halt, and the net effect of all these disruptions is the deteriorating state of supply chains. But have we seen the worst of coronavirus or are there more far-reaching negative consequences to come? 

Low Sulphur Rules

The new rules mandate that sulphur will not make up more than .5% of fuel burned by ocean going ships. Presently, ships can burn fuel that contains sulphur as high as 3.5%.