2017 is in full throttle, but before we get carried away with possible anticipations, 2016 must be studied closer since it was a rather interesting, standalone year in logistics. From reports of over capacities of ocean containers in the shipping sector to President Donald Trump’s proposed policies, let’s reflect on

As your international freight expert, let Texas International Freight arrange your next shipment from the United Kingdom.  We can meet every shipping requirement from the United Kingdom to the United States.  From break bulk freight and shipping containers to vehicles, shipping with us will give you the confidence that your cargo

Texas International Freight delivered this Brazilian manufactured transformer in mid-July, 2016. Texas International Freight coordinated the ocean shipping from Brazil.  We cleared the cargo through US Customs.  Then, we worked with CBP to have the cargo timely inspected and released.  We managed the stevedores and their use of cranes to

Texas International Freight takes pride in offering the highest of standards in operational excellence, while keeping vigilant on matters of safety and protecting the environment.  We offer barge services in the Gulf of Mexico Region.
Barge Transport Locales
We offer barge services in the Intercoastal Waterway, and in the Mississippi River