Your Guide for Transporting Heavy Equipment to Portugal

Shipping to Portugal

Texas is the heart of the oil industry due to its rich natural resources, skilled labor, cheap and efficient transport, and about $200 billion industry. Houston, the largest city in Texas, is also home to Texas International Freight, an international shipping and logistics company.

Operating in Houston, we know how important the oil industry is. Demand for oil and heavy machinery is at its peak, therefore so is the ability to transport heavy machinery from one place to another.

Texas International Freight provides personalized shipping solutions to meet every customer’s specialized needs. With a wide range of services, Texas International Freight specializes in shipping heavy equipment, oil, and gas logistics worldwide.

Understanding Shipping Options: Sea and Air

Transporting heavy materials from the U.S. to Portugal comes with complications due to the longevity of the trip as well as the difficult task of crossing over several bodies of water. Overseas shipping to Portugal requires equipment handling, transportation, customs clearances, and delivery.

Although seemingly complicated, Texas International Freight has your shipping worries under control. With a wide range of shipping options, you can be sure your needs are met.

Various Shipping Options

For shipping to Portugal from the U.S., there are two options, Ocean Freight, and Air Freight. Both means of transport are effective and efficient in delivering materials from airport-to-airport or port-to-port. However, with any form of shipping heavy objects comes pros and con’s. Due to your unique shipping needs we are dedicated to finding the best method for you. For example if you are looking for the least expensive option, Ocean freight is the way to go, however it comes at the price of a further out expected delivery date.

Therefore if in opposition you are looking for the quickest delivery, Air freight is the way to go, with a more expensive cost but an expected delivery in 3-4 business days for express and 8-10 days for regular. It is important to be well versed in the pro’s and con’s of each method before making your choice.

Pro’s and Con’s of Air Freight Shipping to Portugal


Various services are included in the price. Included in the price of air shipping cargo is air cargo insurance, communication, export packing and crating, and many more services.
Fast delivery, using Air Freight is the fastest way to get your cargo from one place to another, especially when traveling overseas. Usually, Aircraft can deliver your cargo to anywhere in the world within 2-4 days, whereas ships can take almost a month to travel overseas.

Handling, we know how important it is to get your goods from place to place, this is why we treat fragile and dangerous goods with care. We also will ship cargo airport-to-airport or airport-to-door, thus eliminating any chance of outside tampering.


Expensive delivery

Compared to Ocean Freight, since Air Freight is exponentially faster, it comes at a steeper price. Price will also be higher due to the weight of objects, whereas Ocean Freight price will not vary as much or at all due to weight.

Weight restrictions

As stated above a heavier weight can lead to a more expensive price. There are also weight restrictions in place due to the fact that planes can only hold so much weight.


Ocean Freight, since traveling via ocean, can travel through all weather. However Air Freight delivery may be delayed due to poor weather condition that are unsafe to fly in.

Pro’s and Con’s of Ocean Freight Shipping to Portugal


More cost efficent

Compared to Air Freight, if you are looking for a cheaper option this is the way to go. This method is about 6-7 times cheaper than the alternative.

Less size restriction

If you choose Air Freight there are various restrictions on the weight of the items being shipped due to the plane’s capacity. Compared to the cargo ship’s huge size, it is able to hold much more weight and fit larger items.


Ocean Freight is one of the most reliable ways to get your cargo from port-to-port. Cargo ships are also designed to carry dangerous or hazardous materials, eliminating the risk of harm.


Longer delivery time

Compared to Air Freight, Ocean Freight takes a much longer time due to traveling via ocean as well as the weight of the ship it cannot travel as quickly.

Lack of support

Heavy cargo requires the correct infrastructure for unloading. However, not every port and not every part of the world may have the needed resources, causing cargo to have to be rerouted.


Although delays are typically not as long comparatively to Air Freight, unpredictable weather can cause delays due to unsafe conditions for sailors.

Texas International Freight’s Types of Shipping

Prior to choosing which method of freight shipping is right for you, first you must pick the type of logistic service best suited for your unique shipping needs.

Break Bulk Shipping

A common choice for shipping heavy equipment and oil and gas logistics. Break bulk shipping is used when, due to the size or weight of cargo, cargo is loaded individually in pieces the fit into a container.

Our company’s break bulk shipping services involve loading and unloading cargo onto specialized vessels using cranes and other specialized equipment.

Container Shipping

Texas International Freight also provides container shipping services for clients are looking for a less expensive option for their heavy equipment and oil and gas logistics.

We offer a range of container options, including 20-foot and 40-foot containers, to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our company’s container shipping services involve the transportation of cargo in standard containers that can be easily loaded and unloaded from ships.

Less-Than-Container Shipping

This method is for those whose cargo is small enough that it doesn’t fill a container. If you want, you can share your container with other cargo, this will reduce shipping cost as well.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship to Portugal?

The cost of shipping to Portugal can vary depending on various factors such as the weight and size of the package, the shipping method you choose, the origin and destination of the shipment, and any additional services you may require such as insurance or expedited delivery. To get an accurate estimate of the shipping cost, you can contact Texas International Fright to get a shipping quote.

Note: international shipments may also be subject to customs duties and taxes.

Preparing for Shipping: Documentation and Regulations

Shipping heavy equipment requires thorough documentation, including a detailed invoice, packing list, and the bill of lading. Furthermore, it’s essential to understand Portugal’s import regulations and any specific rules for heavy machinery. Engaging the services of a professional freight forwarder can be highly beneficial in navigating these requirements.

Major Ports in Portugal

When shipping heavy equipment and oil and gas logistics to Yemen from Houston and the USA, it is important to consider the major ports in the country. Some of the major ports in Yemen include:

Port of Lisbon

The main seaport of Portugal. Located on the banks of river Tagus, near its outlet to the Atlantic Ocean, this port handles most of the country’s export-import trade. Lisbon is Portugal’s largest city and capital.

Port of Aveiro

Located on the West coast of Portugal

Port of leixões

It is an artificial harbour on the Atlantic Ocean, within the town of Matosinhos

Port of setubal

The port is close to Lisbon. It is one of the main gates for Portuguese consumers and industry.

Port of sines

An open deep-water sea port with excellent maritime access, without restrictions

Why Choose Texas International Freight?

Expertise in Heavy Equipment Shipping

We understand that shipping heavy equipment requires specialized knowledge and experience. At Texas International Freight, we have a team of experts who are well-versed in handling all types of heavy machinery, from construction equipment to industrial machinery. You can trust us to handle your valuable cargo with the utmost care and precision.

Comprehensive Freight Forwarding Solutions

We offer end-to-end freight forwarding solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our services include documentation assistance, customs clearance, inland transportation, and secure warehousing. From pickup to delivery, we take care of every aspect of your shipment, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Global Network of Partners

With our extensive network of trusted partners worldwide, we have the ability to provide seamless shipping services to Portugal. Whether you’re shipping from the United States or any other part of the world, we have the resources and connections to ensure timely and reliable delivery of your heavy equipment.

Customized Solutions for Every Project

We understand that each heavy equipment shipping project is unique. That’s why we work closely with our clients to develop tailored solutions that best meet their specific needs. Our team of experts will assess your requirements, suggest the most efficient shipping methods, and provide you with a detailed plan to ensure a successful delivery.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing

At Texas International Freight, we believe in transparency and fair pricing. We provide detailed and itemized quotes, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Our pricing is competitive, without compromising on the quality of our services. You can trust us to provide value for your money.

Personalized Service and Competitive Rates

At Texas International Freight, we pride ourselves on offering superior personalized services at competitive rates. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and provide tailored shipping solutions that meet their requirements.

We have experience working with a variety of industries, including the energy industry, shipbuilding companies, mining companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the aerospace industry, procurement companies, machinery dealers, and engineering, procurement, and construction companies (EPCs).

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