Vehicle Shipping

Shipping Vehicles Overseas

Vehicle Shipping is shipping any movable, wheeled, and tracked freight. It can be done by means of Roll on / Roll off (Ro-Ro) ocean vessels through Texas International Freight. Vehicles that can ship on Ro/Ro vessels can be self propelled like cars or not, such as boats with their trailers. They can have tracks like caterpillars and tractors. They can be oversized self-propelled cranes and diesel tractor trailers. Or they can be static cargo, in other words, cargo that does not have wheels or tracks. Static cargo is shipped by means of specialized containers for RoRo vessels called mafis.
Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle Shipping Types:

Vehicle Shipping In Line


Texas International Freight ships vehicles out of and into the major Ro/Ro ports in the US (Galveston, Houston and Freeport in Texas, New York and New Jersey, Savannah, Brunswick, Charleston, Jacksonville, and Baltimore on the East Coast, and Long Beach, Seattle, Hueneme on the West Coast).

We also ship very expensive cars by means of containers and are able to containerize vehicles upon request. We have export packing and crating facilities near every major port in the U.S. At our packing facilities, we can load vehicles into containers. Furthermore, we can also provide hooding protection for windows or sensitive protrusions.

US Customs and Border Protection
One of the most important issues to keep in mind when shipping a vehicle is compliance with US Customs and Border Protection. A copy of some of the necessary documentation can be downloaded, please click on the button

These forms have to be filed well before the cargo is allowed to load onto the vessel.