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Air Charter

Sometimes in air freight logistics, urgent needs or unforeseen high volumes of freight require an air charter (aircraft chartering). Texas International Freight can arrange an air charter for project freight to most locations throughout the world. Through our connections, we can source the right aircraft on very short notice.

Industries and Needs Served

Oil and gas machinery, over-sized equipment like lathes, mining parts, and construction machinery, break bulk cargoes, and government and military-related initiatives all commonly ship via air charter. Governments and NGOs at times need air charters for Humanitarian and Emergency Aid Part charters are possible for substantial, but not overly large cargoes. Texas International Freight’s usual aircraft charter routes are to Asia, Europe, Latin American, Russia and the CIS nations.

If you need a full aircraft charter, call us. If you need for your extremely heavy or bulky cargo a Boeing 747 or even an Antonov 124, our freight forwarding air charter service can get them using our connections with thousands of planes and reputable operators. And before we load, we can do assessments to be sure we have the correct aircraft. That’s because we know that avoiding mistakes is crucial. In fact, avoiding mistakes is as important in Air Chartering as solving problems. When immediate delivery worldwide is a must, call us. When you need an air charter, depend on Texas International Freight.

If an air charter is overkill and you need other air cargo services, call us for those as well.

  • Flights out of every major airport in the United States
  • Flights into every major airport and most secondary airports throughout the world
  • Foreign country receiving, foreign import customs clearance, and trucking freight to take the project cargo to site
  • Crane availability for on and offloading air cargo in and out of the plane
  • Legalization/Consularization for countries requiring such documentation
  • US Export regulatory filings
  • Coordination of shipment throughout the entire shipment- “from cradle to grave”.

We can move your cargo fast and secure, let's work together

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