Shipping to Central Asia

When shipping to Central Asia, there are several similarities between domestic shipping and international shipping. The main difference is the type of cargo you are shipping. Sea freight and air freight are both common methods of transportation, as are port and airport operations. However, one critical factor when shipping goods to Central Asia is having the right partners for handling your shipments.

Our partners have extensive experience shipping to/from the Confederation of Independent States (CIS). They are experts in all types of transportation, including rail, road, sea, inland barge, and air. With a broad knowledge of shipping heavy cargo to Central Asia, our partners can handle such items as drilling equipment, transformers, heavy machinery, and cranes. Furthermore, they can provide full container loads for those clients looking for comprehensive solutions.

When shipping to this region, companies must carefully consider the customs clearance process. Understandably, each country in Central Asia has their own set of regulations that must be adhered to in order to avoid any unnecessary delays or financial losses. Our partners are well-versed in the customs regulations of Central Asia and are more than able to help companies navigate through the customs clearance process when shipping heavy cargo to this region. They understand that the success of any shipment depends on a thorough understanding of the local regulations and will make sure that all legal requirements are met before any item is shipped.

By working with Texas International Freight, companies can rest assured that their shipments will be handled with care and precision. From proper documentation to timely arrivals and departures, our partners have the necessary experience to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently when shipping to Central Asia.

Most Imported Heavy Equipment in Central Asia

In Central Asia, the most commonly imported heavy equipment includes construction and mining equipment, agricultural machinery, trucks, and other industrial machineries such as bulldozers, excavators, cranes, forklifts, scrapers, loaders, graders, compressors, and drills. Construction and mining equipment are used for digging, excavating, and hauling materials, while agricultural machinery is used for harvesting, planting, and cultivating crops. Trucks are used for transporting goods and materials over long distances, while other industrial machinery is used for many different industrial processes. These pieces of heavy equipment are necessary for Central Asian countries to be able to effectively conduct business, produce goods, and provide services.


Our CIS-focused logistics providers have had a lot of success with the Port of Klaipeda as a jumping-off point for landed cargo, with their own port equipment and in-house warehouse and railway ramp. In addition, they have utilized the Port of Paldiski for shipments to the region of the Caspian Sea and to Northern Russia, while the Port of St. Petersburg has been ideal for heavy equipment shipping to inland Russia. Our providers are well-versed in the nuances of port shipping and customs regulations, allowing for smooth cargo operation and delivery. For added protection, thorough inspections are also conducted at each port to ensure that all shipments are safe and secure.

Texas International Freight provides delivery by all major modes of ocean freight, including break-bulk, bulk, container logistics, and Ro-Ro. We have the capability to arrange further transportation by railway or by road. Rotterdam and Antwerp are great options for goods that are not oversized or overweight. For these items, the goods load in tautliners and can be delivered in transit via FTL/LTL to their final destinations in the CIS.

Texas International Freight also specializes in heavy equipment shipping to Central Asia. Our experienced team of logistics professionals will ensure that your large cargo is loaded safely and securely during transport, using the most up-to-date equipment available. Our extensive network of shipping partners allows us to offer competitive rates for heavy equipment shipping to Central Asia, ensuring that you receive the right service at the right price.

We understand that heavy equipment shipping can be a complex task and our customer service team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we will provide you with the best possible service, ensuring your cargo arrives safely and on time.

We take pride in being one of the leading providers of heavy equipment shipping to Central Asia and we are dedicated to providing efficient and reliable services.

Agency in Central Asia

Texas International Freight is well-equipped with agents who are sophisticated in the ways of Russian Customs. Our agents have customs brokers well-placed in the most trafficked routes, which comes in very handy for project freight. This ensures that our clients can have their Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) needs satisfied. As for regular shipments, about ninety-five per cent of them are delivered based on Incoterms DAT/DAP; therefore, the customs clearance process is done on behalf of the consignee by their own customs broker. We are committed to providing our customers with a reliable and trusty service that meets their needs and expectations. Texas International Freight is the solution for your Russian custom clearance needs.

Required Documentation

Shipping heavy equipment to Central Asia can be a complex process. Last, special certifications, Letters of Intent (LOI’s), and explanatory declarations from the customer may be needed to cross borders. It must be noted that clearing customs well before the actual shipping starts is often necessary. For example, one instance required two weeks to get all the necessary documentation from Spanish authorities proving to the European Union Customs that a helicopter was for civil use. Then, it took an additional two months to clear the import into Russia, where they had to once again prove the same civil use to Russian Customs authorities. As such, it is important to bear in mind that the entire process of shipping heavy equipment to central Asia can take considerable time and effort, with many complex bureaucratic steps that must be undertaken. Therefore, it is essential to ensure all relevant paperwork is in order and that sufficient time is allowed for the process so shipments can arrive on time and without issue.

Texas International Freight Ships to All Destinations

Texas International Freight ships break bulk cargo all over the world, to destinations including the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Norway, Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, China, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Libya, Syria, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Spain, Algeria and many other countries besides.