International Freight Forwarder for Drilling Equipment

Forwarding drilling equipment

International Freight Forwarder for Drilling Equipment

Texas International Freight is a project logistics forwarder of drilling equipment. We specialize in international shipment and forwarding of drilling equipment both to and from the United States

Locations of our Agents

Drilling equipment cargo comes from multiple suppliers around the world. Therefore, Texas International Freight Oil and Gas Logistics has agents in the primary countries that manufacture such cargo.  Countries that make a lot of drilling equipment and in which we have agents are places like Germany, Brazil, China, India, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Netherlands, the UK, and of course, the US.  This is to name but a few.

Oil and Gas Logistics – Drilling Equipment Forwarders

As an oil and gas logistics forwarders in Houston, the majority of our business has to do with shipping and forwarding drilling equipment.  As such, we are well acquainted with the best means and most economical methods of forwarding drilling equipment, whether it is being imported into or exported from the US.  Our relationships with the steamship lines and the heavy haulers allow us to offer premium service to drilling equipment manufacturers while keeping the costs down.

Why Texas International Freight?

What sets apart Texas International Freight as a drilling equipment forwarder is that we understand the oil and gas industry.  Getting drilling equipment to site is an expensive and time-consuming proposition.  Only companies that forward drilling equipment on a daily basis are able to command rates from the carriers and airlines and are able to focus enough man-power and brain-power to get the job done quickly.  A drilling equipment freight forwarder has as little business in Just In Time Logistics as JIT, big-box freight forwarders have in shipping drilling equipment.

If you need a forwarder for drilling equipment, if it is import or export, please call Texas International Freight at 713-588-4413.  We will be happy to analyze and discuss your drilling equipment shipping issues.
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