Shipping to the Netherlands by Ocean Freight or Air Freight

Shipping to the Netherlands

There are times when heavy machinery can let us down. In this case, a client was in the middle of a big job and at a crucial point of the work when part of their machinery broke and needed to be replaced urgently. Shipping it from the USA to the Netherlands with the help of a fast, reliable air cargo freight forwarder was essential to their success.

A Netherlands Air Freight Forwarding Specialist

Only a top air freight logistics company could have managed this project and have done such an impeccable job. Luckily, the client had worked with one before and knew who to contact without hesitation. They had experience with Texas International Freight and knew they could be relied upon. They would be able to cater to the large air freight pallet dimensions that were needed. And perform optimally under such pressurized circumstances to ensure the air cargo arrived promptly.

Texas International Freight shipped the ‘top drive’ in the best possible air freight transit times. This part is a very heavy piece of machinery; it’s the motor that turns the top of a drill rig. The size of the part was equivalent to the size of a car and weighed about 6000 lbs. This is bigger than the standard air freight pallet size. It required air freight shipping from the USA to Amsterdam fast.

The Story Behind Why Emergency Air Freight Shipping Was Needed

Huisman is one of Texas International Freight’s established clients. They were mid-project drilling a large hole using a thermal drill in part of the Netherlands. The job was demanding, and it took a drill of huge proportion to get down to the depths they needed to achieve. When they had reached a point of about 3,000 meters, they were nearing the end of the job. Pretty close to their target yet this is when the drill rig’s top drive stopped working. The job had to cease abruptly.

Getting the specific part replaced was essential for the completion of the project. They are not interchangeable, so it’s vital that an exact replacement was used. The US was the only place to get the new ‘top drive’, as they are not widely available. If they didn’t get the drill going again, they risked the hole they had drilled collapsing in on itself. This would have been catastrophic and may have even harmed the houses in the entire neighborhood.

Delivery by an Expert Air Export Freight Forwarder

The client immediately turned to Texas International Freight knowing they would be able to successfully air freight the very large, heavy drill part. Getting it out of the US to Amsterdam, all while achieving the best air freight transit times; they didn’t let them down! It was an exceptional circumstance, and they managed to meet all the demands that came with this project. They saved the client from what could have been a disastrous situation. It was thanks to this air freight forwarding company that successful completion of the project was possible.

Texas International Freight prides itself on being an experienced air and ocean freight forwarding specialist service. They are able to manage very large freight container sizes in a cost-effective way. If your company needs any heavy machinery shipped to the Netherlands or other destinations worldwide at a competitive air or ocean freight cost, you know you can rely on the exemplary services of Texas International Freight. Contact them for an air or ocean freight quotation by clicking here.

Shipping to the Netherlands by Ocean Freight: Navigating the High Seas for Trade Success

In the ever-expanding realm of global commerce, the Netherlands has distinguished itself as a central hub of import and export activities. The strategic geographical location of the country, coupled with its world-class port facilities like the Port of Rotterdam—the largest in Europe, provides a unique advantage for shipping by ocean freight.

Navigating the realm of ocean freight shipping to the Netherlands can be an intricate process. It encompasses a multitude of elements such as understanding shipping rates, navigating customs regulations, choosing between Less than Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL), and managing the logistical challenges of ocean freight shipping. However, the benefits it offers in terms of capacity and cost-effectiveness make it a favored choice for many businesses. Whether it’s bulk goods, oversized cargo, or non-urgent shipments, ocean freight offers a viable solution for shipping to the Netherlands. Plus, with the country’s commitment to sustainability, ocean freight aligns with the national ethos of environmental responsibility.

By mastering the complexities of ocean freight shipping to the Netherlands, businesses can unlock new opportunities in this vibrant market, benefitting not only from the robust Dutch economy but also the country’s gateway position to the broader European market. With careful planning and a good understanding of the process, shipping to the Netherlands by ocean freight can be a smooth and successful endeavor.

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