An Ocean Freight Shipping Company You Can Rely On!

At Texas International Freight we boast expertise as an ocean freight shipping company you can rely on. We are aware of all the complexities that go into break bulk operations. This makes us a trusted, experienced, dependable heavy machinery transportation company. We have been in the business of ocean freight forwarding for many years.

Working with various types of large freight transportation options, encompassing a wide variety of modes and methods. Transporting cargo to and from Houston TX to destinations worldwide covering international routes is our forte.

The result is us also being accustomed to using specialist shipping techniques and unusual types of transportation. We can cater to the shipping requirements of all types of large heavy machinery. Adapting to suit each of our clients’ varying cargo shipping logistics is an area we excel in.

What Sets Us Aside From Other Ocean Freight Shipping Companies?

A recent project included sending very large cargo from Bilbao to Houston by ocean freight. In this instance, we took on the assignment of shipping 6 x 100 metric ton heat exchangers. These very heavy pieces of machinery required specific considerations when shipping. Transporting these by seas was a big operation, one that demonstrates how we handle ocean freight jobs professionally and seamlessly.

When it comes to most ocean freight shippers the cargo will usually travel via container.  At Texas International Freight we can arrange transportation of cargo employing other types of specialist shipping methods. We are experienced in shipping with break bulk ships and Ro/Ro ships which are used of roll on/roll off methods. We also ship with car carriers and barges too.

This sets us aside from other standard freight shippers as we are well versed in these more specialized markets.

Each Ocean Freight Forwarder Project Comes With Different Demands

This ocean freight forwarding project was to transport heat exchangers from Bilbao, Spain to Gila Bend, Arizona. An Oslo Bulk vessel was used on this occasion for sea transportation. This type of vessel was the most suitable method as it could achieve our deadline and facilitate this large cargo. It is a geared break bulk ship that had cranes big enough to load and transport this heavy machinery.

We were able to get a good price, combining the freight with other loads. It is not a regular route for this type of vessel which made it a rewarding attainment. Coordination, negotiation, and vessel sourcing all went into making this a very successful import.

The heat exchangers were placed on the vessel by the stevedoring company at the port in Bilbao. They operated the handling of our goods using extra material incorporating additional wood. We worked together to ensure the cargo was safe and secure this took considerable skill.

The Ocean Freight Docks and the Shipping Journey Continues

Ocean Freight DocksWhen the ocean freight arrived at the port of Houston this was its final destination by sea. Next rail cars were required. The cargo was loaded straight on to the rail cars, where engineered construction was needed to secure the goods.

This work had to take place on site within the confines of the port terminal. It was a big process that involved using Marine Surveyors, Terminal Handlers, Welders and Crane Operators. This took 3 days to complete to enable the cargo to leave the port.

Special permits were also needed to be obtained before the rail cars were allowed to be discharged. The next step after leaving the port was to proceed with the rail freight. The units were carried to a rail siding in Gila Bend, Arizona.  This involved fitting gantry cranes over the rail lines and then loading the goods onto very specialized Goldhofer trailers.

The Arrival to the Final Destination and Ocean Freight Rates

Through following this path with Texas International Freight you can see break bulk transportation by sea can be complex. The final stage of the project was getting the specialized heavy-haul trailers from the rail siding to the end destination at the Solana Project.

Resulting in the cargo arriving where it was needed to get fixed in place. This entire process took about 2 months from start to finish. Not including time spent waiting for the site to be prepared and made ready to receive the cargo. 

A fantastic job was done, one that certainly had its challenges throughout. Demonstrating our abilities well and how capable we are at handling all types of freight forwarding jobs.

We are ready to work with clients however big or small their project needs. For our ocean freight rates get your quote here. We cater for any ocean freight shipping needs and all other heavy machinery transportation requirements worldwide.