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Out of gauge and heavy haul trucking for oversized cargo.

Texas International Freight (MC license: 809878) has heavy haul trucking and out of gauge trucking for oversized, heavy haul permit-requiring cargo. We can move freight by truck according to each load’s weight and gauge requirements. Our heavy haul trucking and out of gauge trucking takes place by means of some of the equipment listed below:
Heavy Haul Trucking
Gooseneck trailers
48’ Double drop trailers
48’ Spread axle trailers
3 axle Stepdecks
35 ton capacity Lowboys
50 ton Lowboys (RGNs)
Double dropdecks
Texas International Freight maps routes for heavy haul trucking. We obtain state by state permitting for heavy haul trucking cargo. We do analysis on all our loads by weight options and contracting the best carriers for the lanes. Texas International Freight contracts pole cars and police escorts for very sensitive or very large heavy haul trucking moves.

Furthermore, we do route surveys to forecast and get around possible road dilemmas before our truckers face them on the road. Last, based in Houston, Texas International Freight offers rigging services. We can get crane services and crews to load and unload both at origin and destination sites for heavy equipment and for special projects.

As break bulk cargo and project logistics specialists, Texas International Freight ships heavy loads across the United States to our export crating and packing facilities, thence to the port of export, or across land ports of entry with  Canada and Mexico.

On occasion, heavy haul trucking cargo needs to get on a chartered airplane for urgent shipping to foreign countries. Due to our excellent relationships with heavy cargo airplane owners, we can do air charters on very short notice.

For freight going overseas, Texas International Freight has project cargo resources at the ports to leverage. We have export crating competencies. And we have a variety of assets that can manage, aid and assist in moving heavy cargo in every way.

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