Air Freight

Air Cargo Options

Air Cargo Options

For larger items such as pallets, skidded equipment, and crates, Texas International Freight ships air cargo by contacting the airlines directly to negotiate rates and work with them to ensure prompt and reliable delivery.

We ship pallets all the time.  We ship larger pieces on skids.  And we also ship oversized air cargo all over the world by air charter.

hand carriers

Hand Carries

For urgent air cargo needs, Texas International offers personal hand carry service from “door to door” even if the location is a foreign site.

We can mobilize service for hand carries in a matter of hours.

Courier Service

Courier Service

For small packages, we have access to courier services with deep discounts that are not available to most freight forwarders.  And we always monitor your account to ensure courier delivery.  

Texas International Freight has agents at major airports around the world to clear your cargo at the destination.  Our agents clear customs and they deliver it to the end address.  We can provide air insurance and export crating for air shipments as the case may warrant.

We pick up, export pack, complete the governmental export filings on your behalf.  Texas International Freight can ship your air cargo from your door to your customer’s site.  We are cost efficient and prompt.  Our customers’ air cargo is viewed as our air cargo.  We take ownership for each air shipment and hold ourselves to the highest standards of service and professionalism.

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