How to Ship to Brazil?

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How to Ship to Brazil?

How to Ship to Brazil
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When shipping to any country worldwide, it is important to use a company that has knowledge of the country. Texas International Freight knows Brazil and knows how to ship to Brazil. Being in Houston, we ship to destinations that have a lot of oil exploration going on. Brazil is a major destination right now for American exporters of oil well supplies.

But Brazil is also a country of many idiosyncrasies. It is not like shipping to many, many other countries.  You can get into trouble if you ship to Brazil without knowing what you are doing.

A lot of American firms trust their cargo to Texas International Freight when shipping to Brazil. They know to depend on experts because Brazil is a difficult country of destination. There are two reasons oil and gas companies, engineering companies, procurement companies, and other heavy industrial companies use Texas International Freight.


We know a lot about shipping to Brazil due to practice since we ship a lot of cargo to Brazil. This is because we have been doing it for years.  Over time, this practice has given us the necessary experience. Nowadays, we handle complicated moves of expensive machinery to Brazil with ease and know-how.


We know that there is a lot that we don’t know about Brazil. It sounds strange, right? But humility and a healthy respect for the unknown are what makes us able to learn. As a wise man said, “You can’t learn anything if you already know everything.” And we know we don’t know everything. What Texas International Freight does know is to trust our Brazilian agents. They are on the ground, in-country, and up-to-date on the most recent regulatory changes in importing to Brazil. Our Brazilian agents keep us out of trouble and knowledgeable of potential pitfalls. Texas International Freight is very good at shipping to Brazil because we listen well to our own experts – our Brazilian shipping agents.

If you need to know how to ship to Brazil, call us. We can help. We have the knowledge of shipping to Brazil from many years of experience. No less important, what we do not know, we can soon find out via our connections with Brazilian agents that very, very few other freight forwarders in Texas enjoy.

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