Shipping from Houston, Texas to Dubai

Shipping to Dubai

Since the discovery of the Spindletop Oilfield in 1901, Texas has led the oil industry, which is now worth more than 200 Billion Dollars. The state is home to some Oil Giants like ExxonMobil because of its rich natural resources, skilled labor, and cheap and efficient transport. Most of the industry is scaled around the city of Houston in Texas which is the largest city in the state and is now the key center for oil and gas companies.

Texas To Dubai

Many people associate Texas with oil when thinking of the state. Texas oil, however, was not very valuable for a long time. Farmers then claimed that oil had ruined their crops. The mineral had limited use if there were no cars, trucks, buses, or airplanes to consume oil products. It was primarily used to make kerosene for lamps and lubricate machines. Oil was suddenly in high demand, though, when railroads started using it as fuel in the 1880s.

And since a large portion of the Oil Industry sits within Houston, it attracted a lot of Oil Industry equipment and heavy machinery manufacturers to the city and now has one of the biggest Oil Machinery Manufacturers in the world.

Shipping to Dubai, UAE

Shipping To Dubai

Dubai is the Financial Capital of the UAE and has a major contribution to UAE’s shipping industry because of its geographical location. Dubai has easy access to the Arabian sea, Red Gulf, and lands of India from the Port of Jebel Ali which makes it easy to import Ocean freight to Dubai, and the Dubai International Airport, which is one of the biggest Airports in the world, makes it easy to import Air Freight to Dubai.

Different Shipping Options

For shipping to Dubai from Houston, there are two options: Ocean Freight and Air Freight. Both ways are very reliable and equally used by exporters and importers.

Both ways have their own pros and cons and it totally depends on your requirement. For example, if you are in a rush and you want to Ship container to United Arab Emirates in a short period of time, then it’s best to go with Air Freight as it takes about 3-4 Business days to ship a shipment from the USA to Dubai UAE, but is expensive.

So if you are not looking to spend a huge portion of your bank on shipping your cargo, then it’s better to go with Ocean Freight which takes a lot more time but is 6-7 times cheaper than Air Freight ship containers to Dubai.

One must plan shipping in advance for their cargo from UAE to USA after knowing all the Pros and cons of each mode of shipping to avoid any inconveniences.

Pros and Cons of Ocean Freight to Dubai


1. Ship Large and Heavy Goods

Since Commercial Cargo ships are huge in size, there’s a lot more room for heavy goods and they can carry not just one, but many of them which is not possible with Air Freight, and even if it’s possible, the cost of shipping will cost more for shipping to UAE.

2. Cost Efficient

Sea Freight to Dubai is 6-7 times cheaper in comparison with its Air counterparts. This is because Ocean Shipping can hold a large number of goods inside its huge transportation vessel which allows it to ship more cargo with less fuel.

3. Security

The fact that ships are designed to transport hazardous goods and risky cargo securely is another benefit of ocean freight shipping. The industry is experienced in managing such goods, and regulations have been put in place to protect the well-being of the environment, crew, and cargo.


1. Ocean Freight Is Slower

If you wish to transport your cargo in a rush, choosing Ocean Freight can be a disaster. Where an aircraft can ship your goods in 2-4 Days, a Ship Container can take 20-40 days to deliver your cargo to Dubai.

2. Lack Of Infrastructure

Considering the economical and Geographical Conditions of some parts of the world, transporting your goods via ship container won’t be a good option for you because some places may lack the required resources or ports for receiving such huge cargo deliveries.

3. Deliveries can be delayed

Deliveries can be delayed because of the unpredictable weather conditions in the ocean. Since these ships carry valuable and heavy cargo, the sailors have to be careful in such situations, which may create significant delays.

Pros and Cons of Air Freight to Dubai


1. Fast Delivery

Air Freight should be your go-to option if you want your goods to be delivered in a short period of time. Usually, Aircraft can deliver your cargo to anywhere in the world within 2-4 days, whereas ships can take up to a month for shipping from USA to UAE.

2. Global Reach

Because of the tremendously spread out network of Airports, it gets easy for you to ship your cargo to any part of the world, which may not be possible with Ship Vessels in some cases because of geographical or infrastructural restrictions. But that’s not the case, the aircraft can deliver your shipment to any part of the world safely and timely.

3. Reliability

Currently, Air Freight is the most reliable source of shipping among all the other shipping methods. According to International Cargo Services Dubai, Less than 20% of the flights carrying cargo are delayed, less than 2% of flights are canceled and less than 1% of cargo-carrying aircraft fail to land safely.


1. Expensive Delivery

Air Transportation of goods is more expensive than transportation via ocean even if the total distance is the same. And if you are shipping any heavy items, then the cost of shipping can be a lot higher because Air Shipment companies use Weight Calculations to calculate the total cost of shipping.

2. Limitations on Weight and Size

The aircraft has its own limitations on how much and how big of cargo it can hold within. Since aircraft are not as large as Ocean Vessel, they cannot hold such heavy and large items in the air. For example, the largest aircraft can hold up to 300 tonnes of cargo whereas a large ship can carry more than 150,000 tonnes of cargo.

3. Delays due to Weather

Due to unpredictable weather conditions, there can be a short-term delay of 1-2 days in delivering your cargo via Air Freight. The wait is comparatively lesser than that of Ocean Freight, but if you need your shipment to be delivered in a specific period of time, then it can be a problem.

Types of load

Before you choose a Freight Service to ship your cargo, you must choose between FCL, Full Container Load, or LCL, Less than a Container Load.

  • Full Container Load (FCL) means you’ll have an entire container just for your goods which will keep your goods completely isolated and safe but will increase your shipping cost.
  • Less than a Container Load (LCL)  means if your container doesn’t need a full container to ship your cargo, or if you don’t mind sharing a container with other cargo, then you can choose LCL which will reduce the shipping cost.
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We hope that the details provided above will help you make a better decision in fulfilling your shipping-related needs.

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