Oil and Gas Logistics

Sep 15, 2013 | General, Oil and Gas Logistics

Texas Oil and Gas Logistics

If you are looking for a oil and gas logistics company in Texas or anywhere else in the United States, look no further than Texas International Freight. We are a privately owned, dynamically driven freight forwarder with a commitment to deliver the best logistics services in the world. We are based in Texas, but we can ship out of and into any port or airport in the US. Our knowledge, passion, and expertise in oil and gas logistics allows us to accomplish complex, extremely challenging moves every day in the energy sector of the economy.

What Services We Offer – Our Capabilities

We offer complete oil and gas logistics solutions. We send smaller shipments by LCL, or if the shipment is time critical, by air from all over the world to the oil patch. We ship full container loads from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM suppliers) to the end users worldwide operating in the field. We move massive drill rigs by vessel charters or break bulk liner service from the US to Asia, to South America, to the Middle East, and to Europe. We export numerous other parts, pieces and accessories all over the world out of the US for oil and gas service companies operating overseas.

Every day we work to earn and to retain our customers’ respect and trust. We are a familiar face in the Texas Oil and Gas Logistics market and we are fortunate to enjoy a well-respected presence in the wider oil and gas industry. Call us to see how we can help ship your next oil and gas project.

Oil and Gas Logistics

Some of the items we ship for the oil and gas sector include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Drill Rigs
  • Frac Trailers
  • Compressors
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Drill Pipe and OCTG
  • All manner of parts and accessories for the oil patch.

As an example, Texas International Freight’s Oil and Gas Logistics services shipped these two massive Flow Tees pictured below to Europe by air. Flow Tees are very heavy iron pieces that are designed for the midstream delivery pipeline, specifically to allow maximum fluid flow through a branch connection as a pipeline pig or sphere passes the opening. Oil and Gas logistics demands shipping on very short notice. This is the reason the pictured cargo went by air freight.

Pipeline and Oilfield shipments are difficult for most freight companies due to the highly specialized logistics knowledge required. Every country has its own customs regulations. Many countries that have oil and gas are difficult to ship. Sometimes it is bureaucratization, sometimes it is protectionism, sometimes it is sadly incompetence or laziness. We have been doing oil and gas logistics to and from so many countries for so long, we know how to deal with each of these issues.

Logistics Flow Tees

Another particular aspect of the industry is that vendors in oil and gas well manufacturers vary in specialty and in focus. Texas International Freight has developed deep contacts with very capable vendors in all major oil producing countries. Some are better at delivering the last mile in Saudi Arabia. Others are adept at getting cargo through Brazilian customs with little fuss. If you are having a hard time with your oil and gas logistics provider in any step of the delivery process, call us. Texas International Freight can help. It’s common that logistics companies do not have good business connections with the right companies and suppliers. It is also common that logistics companies do not have the right personal connections in their vendor companies.

If your freight forwarder is not regularly involved in oil and gas logistics, trusting something like the pictured equipment with them is something only an amateur gambler might enjoy.

Blow Out Preventer Shipping

Blowout PreventerHere’s another example.  Texas International Freight shipped this Blow Out Preventer under its oil and gas logistics program. Blow Out Preventers (BOPs) are the last line of defense in an oil well blowout. This piece of equipment can weigh close to 35 tons. Oil and Gas Logistics sometimes includes trucking and import services, as did this piece of oil well equipment.

The BOP was originally manufactured in Texas. Texas International trucked the cargo to the port terminal, coordinated the stevedores and port to handle their charges and port fees, loaded the cargo onto a break bulk vessel, and arranged for trucking to the customer’s overseas site. Special crane use was required both at the port and at the customer’s site.

Texas International Freight’s extensive experience with shipping blow out preventers by ocean and by truck ensured that the shipment went according to plan.

Oil and Gas Logistics Based in Houston

Texas International Freight is a full-service international shipping company based in Houston, Texas. We have a strong focus in oil and gas logistics. Texas International Freight personnel have extensive experience in shipping oil field equipment worldwide, from door to door.

Heavy Duty Construction Machines Carrying Placing Gas Pipe Into Ground

Pictured on the left are several thousand of cubic meters of OCTG pipe that are shipped on a continuous basis to customers in the Middle East. Shipping large amounts of oil pipe and tubulars by ocean vessel can be an intimidating business. But it does not need to be. If you use a company focused on oil and gas logistics, you will not have headaches or pitfalls. Vessel demurrage that costs tens of thousands of dollars per day, port storage charges that can be thousands of dollars per day due to customs entry issues, and truck delays are all threats to a safe and secure voyage.

Normally, shipping overseas works well. However, when things go bad, they can go very bad and in a real hurry. Cover your bases beforehand by going with a reputable oil and gas logistics provider like Texas International Freight.

Shipping Modes

Many times, oil and gas logistics require an ocean vessel charter or an air cargo charter. Texas International Freight can help OEMs charter such cargo ships and cargo planes to the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa. Texas International Freight has the focus, the knowledge, and the connections to be a highly capable oil and gas logistics company, capable of helping its customers deliver worldwide.

Most freight companies are not focused on Oil and Gas Logistics. Some other companies make the claim, but lack the deep knowledge needed to excel at it. Still, other extremely large freight forwarders have a lot of well-intentioned employees, but the company politics and bureaucracy are too big to act nimbly, dynamically, and effectively when faced with new situations.