Shipping Bulk Cargo

bulk cargo

Shipping Bulk Cargo

Texas International Freight  has an expansive network of contacts in the bulk vessel world.  Besides offering break bulk ocean chartering, we offer bulk chartering of tankers for shipping shipping bulk cargobulk cargo of all kinds.  Texas International Freight bulk’s operations can book vessels for crude oil, gasoline, LNG, iron and copper ores, biomass, steel products, and chemicals.  Our focus is vessel chartering for  shipping break cargo worldwide.  We work to and from all ports worldwide for all kinds of bulk cargo.

Details of Shipping Bulk Cargo

Some of the details needed in shipping bulk cargo are the following:

Port of origin

  • Terminal at origin

Port  of destination

  • Terminal at destination

Commodity type or cargo description

Shipping dates

Quantity to be shipped (in terms of barrels, metric tons, cubic meters)


Loading means (conveyor, crane loading, pipe intake, etc.)

Loading and unloading rates per day / per hour at both origin and destination

Shipping Bulk Cargo

Why use Texas International for Shipping Bulk Cargo

Texas International Freight seeks opportunities in shipping bulk cargo where it can add value to the transportation services it provides.

Our team has extensive knowledge of commodities, cargo handling, port operations, vessel requirements and all critical aspects of shipping bulk cargo and delivery schedules for our esteemed customers.

Vessel sizes range from Handy to Handy-Max and Supra-Max segments up through Panamax and Cape sizes carrying minor and major bulk cargoes.  Our reliability is enhanced through our debt-free and liquid financial position.

Texas International is dedicated to providing our customers with dependable and flexible services allowing for schedule flexibility and differing pricing options.  As bulk cargo industries expand, our flexibility and worldwide connections with a multitude of bulk carriers grant Texas International Freight the capability and the know-how to meet our customers’ challenges with confidence and skill.

Payment of Shipping Bulk Cargo

Because of global financial insecurities, our services are payment on delivery. We are a shipping company based in Houston, Texas. We are not an oil company’s bank in Houston Texas?

Please call and or write us if you have dry or wet bulk cargo that you may need shipped, costed, or quote at 713-588-4413.

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