The Logistics of Shipping LNG Transportation Equipment

LNG equipment

The Logistics of Shipping LNG Transportation Equipment

LNG equipment transportationTexas International Freight recently completed the challenging task of shipping liquefied natural gas carriers, the equipment that transports LNG. The goods were shipped approximately 1600 miles, from Houston TX, to a small town in Pennsylvania, using a combination of truck, crane, and rail.

The project presented its own unique set of challenges. Some of them stemmed from the fact that the client had a 2-year delay from the initial meeting to being able to start the project. Others were geographical factors that limited access to some of the journey path and shipping options. Finally, part of the planned route got closed off just prior to when the project was set to commence. All of which were overcome with no delays to the project.

LNG VesselThese sort of problems arise regularly especially with shipments of this size and complexity. LNG logistics planning is no exception. This is where the benefits of Texas International Freight’s reliability and expertise come into play. Above all, they are a dependable company who take care of all the obstacles that arise for their clients.  The company ensures the smooth shipment of cargo and timely delivery.

How do you choose a shipping method to transport large LNG carriers?

There are many options and considerations to take into account when choosing the best means of transporting large LNG carriers. As a result, one of the main issues with this job was evaluating how these huge 132,000 lbs units would be best transported, by truck or by rail.

LNG transport by rail was ultimately the better option for this project largely because of the final destination. They were shipping to a very remote location in Wyalusing, PA. The infrastructure in this part of eastern US is dated. For that reason, the roads and bridges were too tight for trucking this 91 ft long, 132,000 lb tank.

Another factor being that this route would have lead through the Allegheny mountain range. There the roads are far too narrow for a truck carrying this heavy haul freight to fit through. Thus, geography worked against the option of shipping the transportation of LNG via truck in this instance, too.

What makes Texas Freight International special?

We spoke with Michael Dyll the CEO of TEXAS FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL who told us why they stand out against other LNG equipment transportation companies. He says: ‘We are the dependable freight forwarder. By being a company that can be relied upon to deliver on time, it sets us apart from about 50% of the other freight companies out there. We are dynamic, fast, and capable of shipping using a large selection of transport types. Where we excel is in heavy haul or extremely large shipments as our expertise lies in moving the cargo door to door through various different modes of transport: ocean, terminal handling, crane and rigging, rail, trucking and even by air transport – if the cargo can fit!”

Texas Freight International has been established since 2010 and offers their extensive experience along with unrivaled reliability and competitive rates. To find out the cost of shipping LNG equipment transportation by truck, rail or sea, you can enquire about the LNG shipping rates here.

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