Vessel Charter

The Option to Vessel Charter

Sometimes there are no regularly scheduled break bulk or general cargo vessels.  Other times the port of call is unpopular or unusual.  Sometimes liner break bulk services have too many stops and cannot deliver fast enough.  Still other times, the amount of freight being shipped measures tens of thousands of cubic meters or tons.  In these instances, vessel charter is the only option for your cargo.  Let Texas International Freight be your guide to moving this cargo by vessel charter.  Things can go wrong in the freight business and our vessel charter service and close relationships with the steamship lines can save your project logistics from critical mistakes.  We will help your company avoid disastrous errors, such as incurring daily demurrage charges or running into liquidated damages issues.

Relationships and Know-how

  • Staging grounds near major ports in the United States
  • Export Packing and Crating for difficult-to-handle over-sized machinery and cargo
  • Over-width / out-of-gauge heavy haul trucking to the port
  • Logistical analysis and methodic routing of cargo to the port
  • In-country logistics to take break bulk cargo from foreign port to inland site
  • Rigging up and down at origin and destination of vessel charter ports
  • In person supervision at ports of call and loading/unloading locations
  • Global network of agents

Texas International Freight works with ship agents, brokers, and owners to secure the right vessel for our customers’ project logistics needs.  As a result, we negotiate the best prices on your behalf and find the best routes for your cargo.  And finally, while the options are not as numerous as in container shipping, imaginative thinking solves most problems.

Texas International is a well-respected and well-known name in the vessel charter market.  We have relationships with ship owners, brokers, and agents that 90% of our competition does not have.  Contact us to learn what we can do for you.

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