United Kingdom Heavy Machinery Shipping

United Kingdom Shipping

Do you need freight shipping services from the United Kingdom to the USA, or vice versa? You can trust Texas International Freight to help you with that. Our customs-cleared economy shipping service is ideal for all heavyweight freight shipments to and from all US-based ports.

We offer outstanding customer experience, insure your cargo, help with all documentation needs, and guarantee you all the reliability and visibility you need during the shipping process.

We ensure you of your shipment’s safety and security when in transit with regular updates and communications. And to give you optimal peace of mind, we provide you with flexible pickup and delivery options so that the shipping process can align with your schedule.

Shipping From the United Kingdom

Whether you’re shipping a classic car to the United States, shipping a luxury yacht, or importing drill equipment from the United Kingdom, Texas International Freight’s importing solutions have got you covered. Thousands of our happy clients attest to our unbeatable, comprehensive freight forwarding, customs brokering, and logistics service.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Cargo From the United Kingdom to the US?

Shipping costs from the UK to the United States are influenced by multiple factors, notably the port of origin or entry, weight/size of the shipment, and shipping mode. The most common shipping modes from the UK are sea FCL, sea LCL, and air. Note that freight costs are subject to change depending on the season and the port of origin or entry. It is advisable to contact Texas International Freight for a quote.

Fcl vs. Lcl Sea Freight From the UK to the United States

FCL is an abbreviation for full container load, which in simple terms mean your cargo is big enough to fill a 20 or 40 feet long container. This mode of shipment is faster than LCL. The main downside for FCL is that pricing is done as a flat rate, meaning that you will still pay for a full container even if your United Kingdom shipping cargo doesn’t fill the entire container.

LCL stands for less than a container load. Shipping from the UK by LCL sea freight means your cargo isn’t expected to fill an entire container, so it has to be consolidated with cargo from other shippers in order to fill a container. That makes LCL shipping a little cheaper than FCL, but the consolidation process makes LCL shipping slower than FCL.

Note that both LCL and FCL shipping are cheaper than air freight from the UK to the US, but they are slower. Air freight shipping takes a week or two for large cargo while sea freight shipping can take up to 2–4 weeks.

Hidden Costs When Shipping to or From the UK

Goods imported from the UK to the US are only cleared for release into the country after customs duties and import taxes are paid. These costs can be enormous for large cargo, so you need to liaise with Texas International Freight in calculating the costs before commencing the shipping process.

We can handle customs clearance as part of our service offering. We also insure your goods against damage, tampering, or loss so you don’t have to worry about third party insurance agents when calculating your shipping costs. Third party insurance agents charge approximately 0.6%-0.9% of your cargo’s worth (your Commercial Invoice Value), but with us as your freight forwarder, you can trust the charge to be friendlier.

Shipping From the UK vs. Shipping From England vs. Shipping From Great Britain

The United Kingdom consists of four component countries: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The Great Britain consists of three component countries: England, Wales, and Scotland. Northern Ireland isn’t part of the Great Britain.

When shipping from England, your port options are Felixstowe, London, Gateshead, and Southampton. When shipping from Northern Ireland, your options include Belfast, Warrenpoint, Larne, Londonderry, and Coleraine. Wales has Milford Haven, Holyhead, Cardiff, Port Talbot, Newport, Fishguard, and Swansea as the major ports.

Bottom line: Shipping from the UK isn’t necessarily the same as shipping from England or shipping from Great Britain. The differences in port of origin (and legal/costs requirements in those ports) will significantly impact your shipping costs and other logistics. Contact Texas International Freight for guidance in this regard.

Texas International Freight

Texas International Freight is a dependable, reputable freight forwarder. Trust us to help with your next shipment from the United Kingdom. You can contact us any time via phone or email and our experienced professionals will be happy to answer whichever shipping questions you could have.

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