Heavy Equipment Hauling

Heavy Equipment Hauling

Heavy Equipment Hauling

Texas International Freight performs heavy equipment hauling on a daily business. Domestically, we haul heavy equipment by truck within the United States. We also work with the rail lines to ship very heavy LNG tanks and transformers. Last, we work with barging services to ship extraordinarily heavy and bulk cargo.

For trucking, we do route planning and permitting.  We coordinate multiple subcontractors and deal with governmental agencies. Our expertise ensures loads are in compliance with all state and federal regulations. We can source specialized transporters like multi-axle over-the-road trailers (e.g. Goldhofers). More usually we ship with lowboys, stretch trailers, flat trailers, squat beams, and stands, bolsters.  For barging, we offer marine securing services, surveyors, stevedores and coordination with port captains and terminals.

Export, Import, Domestic Transport of Heavy Equipment

Regarding international shipping, we import heavy equipment into the US from the entry port to the end destination. We bring heavy equipment cargo in through multiple ports in the US. On the East and Gulf coasts, we can import via Philadelphia, Norfolk, Savannah, Jacksonville, Mobile, New Orleans, Houston, Galveston ports. On the West Coast, the usual ports are Hueneme and Tacoma. Also, we are Customs House Brokers. We can assist in the import clearance of heavy equipment bought from overseas.

Regarding exports, we do heavy equipment hauling from multiple origins in the US to foreign destinations across the globe. Heavy equipment hauling for export can involve trucking freight, railing freight, shipping by ocean liner as part of our break bulk cargo services.

Texas International Freight knows all the ins and outs of heavy equipment hauling. We know the right equipment that is needed to truck heavy equipment. When it comes to ocean shipping, we have excellent relationships with a huge number of ocean liners who can load and sail your cargo to foreign destinations. And if it can fit into a plane, our air charter services are able to ship your heavy equipment by air worldwide on very short notice. We can also offer rigging services at the origin and at the destination to load and offload your cargo.

Difficult Heavy Equipment Hauling, worldwide

If you need help shipping construction equipment to West Africa, we can help. If you are shipping an LNG tank to Brazil, call us. If you are looking for a good rig hauling company, consult us. If you are analyzing a major project for an EPC company that would need multiple shipments over many months with different modes of shipping, let us help. Or if you need specialized rail services for extremely heavy cargo, call us. We offer a wide range of solutions for all sorts of heavy haul issues.

Please contact us – a dependable freight forwarder to haul your heavy and expensive cargo. We are experts in the field.

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