Texas International Freight Shipping Heavy Equipment Overseas

Shipping Heavy Equipment

Shipping heavy equipment to the Middle East, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia by means of break bulk cargo (a.k.a. general cargo) is one of the freight options offered by Texas International Freight.

Texas International Freight just shipped to the Middle East a triplex pump manufactured by Gardner Denver like the one. We also ship a lot of used heavy equipment like the bulldozer to featured to the left to places such as West Africa. Shipping heavy equipment is a dangerous procedure if you are unfamiliar with the possible trouble spots. When things go bad, things can do so very quickly. And fixing problems is almost never cheap to do when shipping heavy equipment.

We have been shipping heavy equipment for years. Shipping heavy equipment from origin in the United States to overseas locations is very easy with the right freight forwarder. Texas International Freight can ship by heavy haul trucking and out of gauge trucking domestically in the US. We can handle the port fees (all associated terminal handling charges, wharfage fees, security fees, etc.) when the cargo gets to the exporting terminal. We file all the required export documentation with Customs and all the required export declarations with the US Government. From the port, we can get ocean freight passage on a break bulk or general cargo vessel to the destination port. We handle all the shipping documents (like bills of lading and certificates of origin). On the destination side of the equation, we can work with our agents in most foreign countries around the world. Our agents will clear customs and perform the inland destination delivery of the heavy cargo. In addition to all this, Texas International Freight can also provided marine cargo insurance.

Contact us today if you have any freight inquiries for heavy equipment being shipped by ocean freight or by truck or even shipping heavy equipment by air overseas.