What Are The Advantages Of Ocean Shipping From The UK?

ocean shipping to the UK

What Are The Advantages Of Ocean Shipping From The UK?

ocean shipping to the UK

There are different methods of shipping freight from the United Kingdom and the one you choose will largely depend on the type of cargo that you are moving and the time frame you are faced with.

Obviously, air freight is the fastest option, but it does have its limitations. Despite taking much longer to travel between ports – shipping from Great Britain to the USA can take between 10 and 30 days – ocean shipping has far more in its favor overall. Here are a few of the advantages of ocean shipping from the UK with Texas International Freight.

Your cheapest shipping method

Ocean shipping is considerably cheaper, and the prices are more stable, than air or rail transport and there are a number of ways to make sure the shipment costs remain within your business’s careful budget. If you have enough cargo to fill a container then you will just pay a flat rate for this. If you have less cargo to ship, your shipment will share a container with other cargo and you will share the cost, simply paying for the space it occupies.

However big your shipment, ocean freight will be able to accommodate it and the price will be four to six times cheaper than air freight.

Best for large and very large shipments

Cargo of basically any size can fit on a cargo ship; some ships can transport up to 10,000 containers on one voyage. There will always be a freight forwarder, ship and crew that can handle your heavy goods, whether that is shipping different types of vehicles or transporting extremely large break bulk cargo like drill parts or, when the need arises, liquid cargo like oil.

With air and rail transport, there will be an upper limit to the size and weight of the shipment they can handle but the variety of ocean shipping options means you will not run into this type of obstacle when ocean shipping from the UK, giving you greater flexibility and peace of mind.

Flexible options for shipping from Great Britain

The flexibility of ocean shipping cannot be stated enough; Texas International Freight will have a suitable, wallet-friendly, and schedule-appropriate option for your business’s shipping requirements.

As stated above, we can arrange shipments of any size from the UK to the US. We have years of experience shipping extremely large machinery. However, with smaller containerized shipments, it is very simple to then transport them to and from the ports by rail, truck or barge, making it much easier in terms of logistics.

More environmentally friendly

Today, we are all much more conscious of our carbon footprint and that is reflected in how we choose to spend our money. Ocean freight forwarding is the most carbon-efficient form of transport as well as being relatively efficient in terms of fuel consumption. Ocean shipping is responsible for significantly lower carbon emissions than air or road transport.

Furthermore, as technology advances, improvements are constantly being made, making ocean shipping from the UK increasingly safer for people, goods and marine life. Modern container ships are far more carbon-efficient than in previous years and containers themselves are now 98% recyclable.

Arriving safe and sound

There are extremely strict shipping regulations in place when transporting goods by sea. Meanwhile, crews and freight forwarders are logistical experts who are highly trained in loading and unloading heavy goods of all shapes and sizes. If you are shipping goods in a container, when the container is full it will be locked securely and only reopened once it reaches its destination. The container itself will also act as protection from the elements so the goods will arrive in perfect condition. Some ships or containers are also refrigerated to ensure perishable goods remain fresh while in transit.

Ocean freight forwarding for the win

The advantages associated with ocean shipping from the UK far outweigh the disadvantages of longer shipping times. As long as you have carefully planned your shipping schedule to take into account any hold-ups related to customs or duties – which Texas International Freight can offer expert assistance with – your shipment will arrive on time and in perfect condition. To find out more about how we can help you ship your heavy goods securely and in line with your budget or for a quote, contact us today.

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