Cost to Ship Heavy Machinery From the UK

Shipping Heavy Machinery UK

When you are having to ship heavy machinery from the UK on a regular basis, you obviously have a strict budget to stick to. How do you know what to factor into your budget and what kinds of costs to expect throughout the whole process? Texas International Freight has all the information you need to make sure your shipments run like clockwork.

Customs Cost to Ship Heavy Machinery From the UK

There are more logistical maneuvers involved in freight forwarding heavy goods than just getting it on and off the ship at the relevant ports. You have the goods in the container and loaded on the ship, but that’s not the end of the story. Quite a few hoops remain to be jumped through, and the customs rates for your cargo is one of them. It can be quite complicated, so here are a few things you need to know before you start.

Customs Clearance

The rates you pay will vary depending on what you are shipping, but fortunately, they are standardized – or harmonized in fact – across the world, so there will be no nasty surprises in that respect. Essentially, you will pay more or less the same wherever in the world you are shipping. The Harmonized System (HS) codes, as they are known, are set by the World Customs Organization. They are how we classify and monitor products when they are traded, and the codes are used worldwide to determine taxes and customs duties when importing.

Each product is assigned an HS code. When you are importing heavy machinery and equipment from the UK, you will need to know the HS code for the product in the United Kingdom, as well as the equivalent version of the code in the United States. For example, the UK HS code for one type of drill is 84592900 so the US one will correspond but with a couple of extra numbers at the end.

Types of Bonds

A further thing to be aware of when importing into the USA is customs bonds. Basically, these are a contract that states that all customs fees associated with the shipment have been paid. In general, two types of customs bonds are available: continuous and single entry. A single-entry bond will cover just one import transaction. This might be the most cost-effective choice for you if you are not importing many shipments and prefer to decide on a shipment-by-shipment basis.

However, if you regularly ship heavy machinery from the UK, a continuous bond could be the best option. It covers all imports made during a twelve-month period, and you will benefit from faster processing and turnaround times. Texas International Freight offers customs broker services. From our years of experience in navigating the process, we can give you the right advice for your importing situation.

Other Costs to Remember

You will come across other forms that need to be filed for your shipment such as an ISF (Importer Security Filing) with 12 details concerning your shipment which US Customs requires ahead of freight forwarding. Failure to properly fill out the ISF form could see you facing a hefty fine of $5000.

If your shipment contains pharmaceutical products or food and drink, then there will be documentation to submit to the FDA to confirm that the products meet FDA regulations. Texas International Freight can tell you how and when to fill out these forms and answer all of your questions on customs fees.

Top Five Commodities Shipped From the UK to the USA

The US imported just over 40 million dollars-worth of goods from the United Kingdom in 2022. The goods imported vary but, according to data from 2018, the main products shipped to America from the UK are:

  1. Cars – £4bn
  2. Medication and pharmaceutical products – £6bn
  3. Mechanical power generators – £9bn

As you can see, the UK-US import-export trade covers a range of products. Fortunately, at Texas International Freight we have years of experience under our belt and we can ship your Ro/Ro freight, turbines or pharmaceutical goods and ensure the necessary documentation and costs are met, so the whole process runs smoothly from start to finish. Contact Texas International Freight today for a quote.