Ocean Freight

Low Sulphur Rules

The new rules mandate that sulphur will not make up more than .5% of fuel burned by ocean going ships. Presently, ships can burn fuel that contains sulphur as high as 3.5%.

shipping to africa

Our unique relationship with Kukiaa LLC enlarges our global footprint and, consequently, giving us a competitive edge in assisting our clients more effectively and efficiently with logistics/operations’ needs in shipping to Africa. This has helped to extend our services to include these regions that have political and infrastructural challenges. Whether

Logistics Troubleshooting

There could be a lot of things wrong with your logistics set up, but what is not easy to know. If you feel something is wrong, do an exercise in logistics troubleshooting. Some of the typical problems are:

Cargo is not arriving on time;
The logistics service is costing

Shipping Central Asia

Shipping to Central Asia (a.k.a. Commonwealth Independent States, a.k.a. Russia’s Near Abroad,  a.k.a. “the Chaos-stans”)
In general, shipping to Central Asia is not very different from shipping to the United States. It is all a matter of figuring out the sea freight or air freight, port and airport operations, and inland

Shipping and Seafreight

Cargo ships are any type of ship or vessel that transport heavy goods and materials from one port to another. With seafreight cargo, there are a variety of cargo ships, and they are also commonly referred to as freighters. At any given time, there are thousands of cargo ships in...