The Key to Experienced Freight Forwarding

Apr 6, 2021 | General

experienced freight forwarding

As you have probably noticed, container ships have been making international headlines recently. This is not how things usually go and, if anything, is to be avoided considering that good container shipping should go as seamlessly as possible to give customers the peace of mind they deserve. Good, experienced freight forwarding should essentially go unnoticed by the client. However, the events in the Suez Canal over the past couple weeks have been a reminder of the extent to which all the components of the supply chain are connected and how important it is for all the cogs in the machine to turn smoothly.

Although it has now been refloated and other container ships have been able to continue on their shipping journeys, the five days that the Ever Given container ship spent blocking the Suez Canal had a significant domino effect on the 12% of global container traffic that travels through the Canal. Many ships have now passed, but it still caused a huge backlog and those that have already passed through could end up putting further pressure on their destination ports as they receive a sudden influx of traffic. While waiting for the ship to be refloated, other container ships chose to reroute via the Cape of Good Hope, a route that adds at least 10 days to the journey and increases costs hugely.

Knock-on effects

When you are making the choice to ship goods, such as heavy equipment or large quantities of perishable goods, it is not simply your shipment that your freight forwarding company will have to bear in mind. There is a lot of other traffic crossing the oceans, meaning that an experienced freight forwarding company will be a logistics expert and fully aware of how each shipment is connected to the other freight on the seas. What can Texas International Freight offer you to meet your international cargo shipping needs?

Freight forwarding experts

Texas International Freight has years of experience in this field; we are expert  a safe pair of hands for shipments of all types. Whether you are shipping a large drill part to the Netherlands or sending vehicles to one of the ports in the United Kingdom, we can reliably ship your heavy machinery across the world on time and without a hitch. We are completely familiar with the whole process including the documentation required for the departure and destination ports and all paperwork for customs duties and bonds, bills of lading and more besides. We will guide and advise you through the process so you are kept up to speed at all stages.

Logistical know-how

When you are freighting large goods such as heavy equipment, parts for machinery, vehicles or break bulk between the USA and other major markets like the UK, you want to know that they will reach their destination in the same condition they left in. Shipments of this type mean a considerable cost for the customer before the expense of shipping enters the equation, so a freight forwarder that is an expert in the logistics is a must. That’s where Texas International Freight comes in. We have demonstrable experience in loading big shipments, such as drill parts or cargo that will need the use of a crane for loading, on and off container ships so everything arrives in perfect working order ready for the next phase of its journey.

Although the recent news has shone a spotlight on the issues that freight forwarding can run into and how one incident can have a cascading effect on the rest of the supply chain, this is, thankfully, a highly unusual occurrence. An established, experienced freight forwarding company is always the best bet for shipping your heavy cargo worldwide. Get in touch today to find out more and for a quote.