LTL Trucking

LTL Trucking

LTL Trucking

Truckers offer two types of freight service: Full Truckload (FTL) service or Less-Than-Truckload (LTL). A FTL carrier moves full containers or full truckloads of one product for one customer. The LTL trucking carrier moves freight from many different customers on one truck. The LTL carrier offers customers a more cost-effective method of shipping goods than the FTL operator for smaller cargo.

In other words, LTL Trucking means Less-Than-Truckload trucking. It is for cargo that is too large for the mail to take care of, but too small for the use of an entire truckload. For example, a pallet of tiles or of metal alloys that weighs 300 lbs and measures the size of a normal pallet (48 x 40 inch footprint) is perfect for LTL trucking.

LTL TruckingWe can help you with your LTL Trucking across the US and across the world (LCL). Our volume discount LTL Trucking contracts enable our customers to get rates that the general public cannot get.

LTL Trucking into Mexico and Canada

Texas International Freight can ship pallets and smaller skids to Canada and Mexico from the US. We have shipped high-value computer parts from Houston to Guadalajara. We have shipped prefabricated metal building materials from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Calgary, Canada. It is not easy to ship across borders in North America, NAFTA notwithstanding.  Yet, we can.

How does LTL Trucking work and How is it Priced?

First sanctioned in 1935, Consolidated Carriers began operating. LTL carriers offer space on 53 ft enclosed van trailers. Trucks drive around their routes in a city, picking up bits and pieces of cargo to take to a local transshipment facility. There, the warehouse separates the cargo and parcels it into full truck loads going to one geographic region or another. Once it gets to the destination region, a loaded truck delivers its bits of cargo to various customers on a given route. The system is a typical hub and spoke model. Weight, volume and class determines pricing. Class is determined by cargo commodity type and density. Sometimes, there are accessorial charges for special services (for residential delivery or for a liftgate truck, for example).

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