Factory Relocations

Factory relocations

Factory Relocations

Factory relocations
Prepping to move this unit

Texas International Freight provides turn-key logistical services for every stage of industrial and commercial plant and factory moves.  We handle dismantlement and relocation plans to heavy machinery moving, rigging, relocation, and re-installation.  Our staff has the expertise, the contacts, and the leverage to ensure peace of mind for all high-value overseas and domestic capital equipment moves.  Last, we handle the range from single machinery moves to complete factory relocations.

Machinery and factory relocations experience

Texas International Freight’s customers, from small businesses to multinationals, have hired us for all aspects of factory relocation. We help do installation, removal and relocation of complex production machinery, customs clearance and complicated export customs regulatory compliance. Finally, we are well versed in project freight and vessel chartering.

Texas International Freight has years of experience in shipping machinery and in completing full site factory relocations.  We work for original equipment manufacturers and end-users in a range of industries.  Also, we ship a wide range of machinery and equipment.  Therefore, we know how to achieve success of project freight and plant relocation moves.  Some examples are the oil and gas industry, the shipbuilding industry, the steel industry, automotive industry, and other heavy industrial concerns.

Knowledge and Capabilities in Plant and Factory Relocations

Our qualified industrial relocation contacts have on-site teams in every corner of the globe. They are fully equipped with the right tools and the skills to identify critical pathways.  Their knowledge ensures successful and safe machinery moves.

Complete Factory Relocations

Clients from around the world call on us for machinery move and factory relocation services. Examples of services:

  • Full site survey
  • Meticulous plans for the machine moves
  • Commissioning and decommissioning
  • Route surveys and movement analyses
  • Export crating and packing for air and ocean freight
  • And last, Machinery rig down and rig ups (i.e. removals and installations)

Our expertise and industry knowledge enables Texas International Freight to plan, coordinate, and execute all machinery, plant, and factory relocations.  So, call us to find out how we can help you relocate your plant. We are always happy to help consult and provide guidance where and when possible.

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