Heavy Machinery Logistics

Mar 18, 2012 | General, Trucking Freight

heavy lift shipping

Shipping heavy machineryAs a Houston freight forwarder that deals with heavy machinery on a regular basis and that ships to Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, Texas International Freight is a leading freight forwarder for customers in the United States and overseas.

If you need to ship heavy machinery, contact Texas International Freight.  We handle heavy machinery logistics from the US to all parts of the world. Texas International Freight is a freight forwarder in Houston that serves the EPC markets, the oil and gas industry, and other heavy industries. Therefore, we are particularly well skilled in shipping heavy machinery. Our cargo is exported from the US and imported to the US on a regular basis.  Our heavy machinery logistics capabilities set us apart from the competition.

If you are shipping heavy machinery such as mud tanks or mud assemblies, please call us.  If you are shipping farm equipment or shipping forklifts, please send an email.  We ship caterpillars and rigs as well as parts and spares for these pieces of equipment.

If you know your HTS codes, please let us know. If not, you can search through the database of Harmonized Tariff Codes published by the US government’s International Trade Commission. Otherwise, as an expert heavy machinery shipping company, we can help you find the right Harmonized Tariff Code.