Trucking To Mexico & Trucking from Mexico

May 24, 2013 | General, Trucking Freight

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Mexico truckingTexas International Freight is able to offer optimal and most convenient options for trucking to Mexico, trucking from Mexico, and also shipping via ocean freight to and from Mexico.

Trucking to Mexico or trucking from Mexico is extremely difficult.  Any logistics company or trucking company can promise to do trucking to Mexico (and from Mexico).  And they all probably can.  The only question is, how many brokers do they need to go through before finding the driver?  Typically, the cost for – especially heavy haul trucking in Mexico – is too expensive for novices to use.  However, Texas International Freight ships and trucks to Mexico using federally concessioned brokers by the Mexican government.  Therefore, our agents are state-sanctioned and have access to their own drivers and equipment.  Our project logistics provide for:

  • Reception of Material and transportation to the most convenient ports of entry and ports of export to their final destinations.
  • Needing contacts in Dos Bocas, Seyva Playa, and Carmen.
  • Vessel loading and unloading, minimizing unnecessary port use and delays.
  • Storage yards and facilities near land and sea ports.
  • Local customs clearance for both export and import.
  • Specialized equipment and cranes for break bulk cargo.
  • Trucking to Mexico -(this is just a sampling of high traffic destinations, inquire for other cities): Reynosa, Tampico, Poza Rica, Veracruz, Coatzacoalcos, Villahermosa, Dos Bocas, Cardenas, Ciudad del Carmen, Reforma, Merida.

Some featured locations for Ocean Freight, Trucking, Break bulk, and Oil and Gas Logistics

In Ciudad del Carmen, we have wharfage and storage of up to 1200 square meters and 950 square meters on the quay.

In Dos Bocas we have access to 15,000 square meters and 150 square meters of portside access

In Seyva Playa (Campeche), there is 220,000 square meters and 350 meters of portside access

In all locations there is local trucking logistics, crane for break bulk cargo, winches, forklift, container unloading space, etc.

For trucking logistics, we offer Mexican customs clearance at Laredo – Nuevo Laredo.

For customs clearing ocean imports, we have agents in Ciudad del Carmen, Villahermosa, Merida and Progreso – to name a few.

Exporting into Mexico and Importing from Mexico

Our services for importing from Mexico are approved by CAAREM, the association of Mexican customs brokers.

Mexican Import Fees

From $0 t0 $500,000                                                              .45% of value of merchandise

From $500,000 t0 $1,000,000                                           .35% of value of merchandise

From $1,000,000 t0 $3,000,000                                        .3% of value of merchandise

From $3,000,000 t0 $10,000,000                                      .225% of value of merchandise

$10,000,000 and above                                                            Call for rates

Mexican Export Fees

.18% on Commercial Value of Cargo

Commercialization Services (if applicable/necessary)

2% on Commercial Value of Cargo

Services and Capacities for loading and unloading of Heavy Haul and Break Bulk Cargo

Texas International Freight can load and unload break bulk cargo in Ciudad Del Carmen using certified cranes with teh following capacities

18 Metric Ton Cranes

30 Metric Ton Cranes

50 Metric Ton Cranes

60 Metric Ton Cranes

2 x 75 Metric Ton Cranes

2 x 80 Metric Ton Cranes

3 x 120 Metric Ton Cranes

350 Metric Ton Cranes

If you are shipping by ocean or trucking to Mexico to

PEMEX or to a shipbuilder in Altamira, contact Texas International Freight to find out what your best options are, to find the best prices, and to rest assured that your oil and gas logistics or heavy haul cargo going to Mexico will get there safely.

if you are interested in Near-Sourcing or taking advantage of the benefits of NAFTA, logistics must be a principal concern.  Please contact us to find out how you can be assured of the professional, cost-effective, and efficient movement of your goods.