How to Ship a Factory

How to Ship a Factory

Factory relocationsIf you need to bring into the country a factory of multiple shipments, or heavy and out-of-gauge cargo, we can help.  If you are shipping to another country large equipment, multiple shipments and out-of-gauge cargo, we can help with that. too.  If you are costing out a project, we can help.  If you need advice on the best steps to take, we can help.  Texas International Freight can help you know how to ship a factory.

Texas International Freight has imported factories and major factory components from China, India, Taiwan, Mexico, Romania, and Germany. Presently, we are shipping from the US factory parts and construction equipment.  This cargo is going to build a factory in Brazil.  We are also importing large cargo parcels into the US from Mexico to build a refinery.  But while the destination and origin locations are important to consider, they are not the main issues in knowing how to ship a factory.  The main issue is the timeline.

How to ship a factory – Analyze and Know the Critical Path!

  • Start with the last deadline first and work backwards.
  • Once the deadlines are established, contact a good and dependable freight forwarder.
  • Then get costing AS WELL AS transit times and sailing frequencies and flight frequencies.
  • Next, share all pertinent information with the freight forwarder about timelines, deadlines, the critical paths, and suspected bottle-knecks, etc.
  • Last, make sure to vet the freight forwarder with a personal meeting.

The reason you pick a good and dependable freight forwarder is because you can find cheaper and cheaper options the more you look. Freight can always be pushed down $15. But like most things, cheaper does not always mean better. There are companies who quote to win the business without any plan but to push their supplier for discounts. If they cannot get the discount, the provider on whose quote you based your plans may not be able to deliver. This perceived savings will cost you a bundle down the line.

Another issue that is just behind the main issue is the destination or origin country for the freight. To know how to ship a factory to Brazil is much different than knowing how to ship a factory out of Mexico.  The documentation is different. The agents are different. The people and the business customs are different. The regulations are different. Basically, all countries are different and all projects are different. If a freight forwarder claims that they know how to ship a factory because “they are all the same,” then run, do not walk away.

There’s no reason to spend more money if you don’t have to, but considering the opportunity costs, the focus should be how well your freight forwarder can deliver. Competence is the most critical element. Without the ability, will, and know-how to deliver, all other considerations don’t matter.

Call us to help analyze and discuss the major move your company is considering.  We can help.


How to Ship a Factory
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