Transporting Transformers

Jul 16, 2016 | Breakbulk cargo

shipping transformers

Texas International Freight delivered this Brazilian manufactured transformer in mid-July, 2016. Texas International Freight coordinated the ocean shipping from Brazil. We cleared the cargo through US Customs. Then, we worked with CBP to have the cargo timely inspected and released. We managed the stevedores and their use of cranes to load it onto our truck. From Jacksonville, we brought it to Tallahassee with a heavy haul, ten-axle truck and the aid of pilot cars. At destination, we positioned and fixed it for the local utility. Transporting transformers is a difficult operation not only due to their size but even more so due to their weight. This unit was 13 feet tall and weighed 100,000 lbs.

These Large Power Transformers are not delicate. They are made to be outside and to weather the elements. However, they are highly technical and, thus, very expensive. Therefore, choosing a freight forwarder on account of their quotes and on account of their dependability is critical. Texas International Freight works hand in hand with our customers. This care results in a high degree of accuracy and precision.

Modes of Transport

In this case, Texas International Freight used a heavy haul truck. Yet it is more common transporting transformers overland by rail. A specialized railroad freight car known as the Schnabel railcar (also used are TTX cars and KRL cars) is used to transport extremely heavy loads and to accommodate their height. Texas International Freight has great relationships with specialized rail providers. Whether by truck or by rail, permits and route surveys have to be made. We do all of this work in the background so our customers experience safe and efficient transport.

By ocean, break bulk ships and ro-ro vessels are used for transporting transformers. At times, barging transformers can be the most sensible means, either by terminal to terminal or by direct discharge from ship to end destination terminal. How to transport transformers all depends on 1) the needs of the move and 2) the needs of the customer. Texas International Freight prides itself in serving both well.

Call Texas International Freight to help you move Large Power Transformers, domestically or internationally by ocean, truck, rail or barge.