Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance

Texas International Freight strongly recommends that all shipments be covered with cargo insurance. Shipping is a labor intensive operation that has a lot of moving parts.  Cargo is always at risk. Shipments get lost, stolen, damaged, can go over the ship’s rail at sea.  And then there is GENERAL AVERAGE.

When a vessel is damaged, general average may be declared by the carrier. When declared, all parties with cargo on board the damaged vessel are liable for their pro-rated portion of the loss. This applies to all shippers, even if one of them suffered no damage to its own freight. Due to “general average” liabilities, marine insurance is strongly encouraged for all shippers. And if the ship goes down, she has to be paid for by all parties on board.

Documentation services include bills of lading, certificates of origin, legalization, and consularization services.  This is seperate and not to be confused with marine insurance.

Shipping documents may have to be validated by some legal authority. In some cases, this authority must be the consulate or the embassy. Texas International Freight offers this service.

cargo insurance
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