Breakbulk cargo

Container Shipping

Houston Freight Forwarders
Texas International Freight celebrates its anniversary February 23.  Our freight forwarding company went into business with the uncommon idea that a freight company can provide excellent service at reasonable rates.  Since 2010, we have enjoyed a hearty welcome in the marketplace.  We are honored by our customers and

Oil rig transportation

Texas International Freight is a specialized firm for moving drilling rigs world-wide.  We have shipped rigs from Texas to Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.  Our proximity to the port and our understanding of drill rigs enables the company to move drill rigs securely, timely, and cost

oil and gas

Texas International Freight is a full-service international shipping company based in Houston, Texas.  We have a strong focus in oil and gas logistics.  Texas International Freight personnel have extensive experience in shipping oil field equipment worldwide, from door to door.
Pictured above are several thousand of cubic meters of OCTG pipe that are shipped on a continuous