Breakbulk Cargo Shipped from the Port of Houston


Texas International Freight specializes in breakbulk cargo shipping.  We are based near the Port of Houston, which ships more breakbulk cargo than any other in the United States.  We have unparalleled and special relationships with all of the major carriers who specialize in this type of freight.

  • Getting good ocean freight rates,
  • Hiring the best services and breakbulk vessels in the world,
  • Using our knowledge of ports worldwide and each port’s regulations,
  • Offering specialized warehousing and crating facilities for handling project logistics, and breakbulk cargo,
  • Trucking to/from the port,
  • Oversize break bulk cargo handling at every terminal
  • Crane for up to 350 metric tons.

Breakbulk Cargo Case Study

Pictured below is an earthmover that was manufactured in Minnesota and sold to Asian customers.  We aided in every step in the shipping process. We started with the critical path analysis to the final delivery overseas to the customer’s door.

This shipment began in 2011 when Texas International Freight provided the quote needed to see if the deal was feasible.  Upon being contracted for the move, we consulted weekly about how to ship this breakbulk cargo.   We visited the site of the American manufacturer.  Next, we crated the entire earth mover’s components.  Then, we trucked the cargo using a dozen heavy haul trucks to the Port of Houston.  After that, we surveyed the cargo before loading and booked the ocean freight to Asia.  Last, we cleared Chinese customs and delivered to the customer’s door.

breakbulk cargoAny qualified freight forwarder can book LCL cargo and container cargo.  Very few freight forwarders have the know-how and the experience shipping high value breakbulk cargo.  We ship this sort of cargo on a regular basis for the mining industry, for the energy industry, for the shipbuilding industry, and other heavy industries.

Call Texas International Freight at 713-588-4413 if you are facing the daunting challenge of shipping oversized equipment.  We can help you avoid the problems and get around the pitfalls to ensure safe and timely delivery of your cargo.