Export Heavy Machinery to Australia

Jul 12, 2018 | Breakbulk cargo, Bulk Cargo

Australian customs are very detailed and specific when it comes to how to export heavy machinery to Australia. Heavy machinery is their second biggest import need. But don’t be discouraged. It’s common sense really. Australia is very protective of its land and environment. Bringing in foreign pests or biohazard that isn’t native to the land could devastate millennia old landscapes and ecosystems for centuries to come.

Just to get an idea of the destruction that one little invader can cause, think about some of the foreign pests that have been unintentionally brought into the US. The Emerald Ash Borer was introduced to the US in the early 2000s by wood packaging material imported from its native Asia. In less than 20 years it has bored through and devastating forests in 33 states and counting. The Asian Citrus psyllid has caused over 4 billion dollars worth of damage to citrus crops in Florida and it was brought in by someone who brought a cutting of a citrus tree from Asia to California and subsequently caused a quarantine area but not before it had already traveled thousands of miles.

So, Australia is trying to curb the enthusiasm of anything that could potentially destroy its ecosystem. And although some see the requirements to be ‘over-the-top’ or harsh on import and exporters, it’s just an added protection. You have to keep this in mind if you want to export heavy machinery to Australia

All equipment, whether new or used, must be thoroughly cleaned and inspected by Bio inspectors. If they deem any cargo un-importable, the cargo can be rejected by the government. Besides the cleaning, all used equipment must have an import permit. New equipment is only deemed ‘new’ if it’s exported within 60 days of manufacture. So just because something has been sitting new and unused on a warehouse or showroom floor for a year does not make it new in the laws of the Australian government.

So make sure that you have a reliable and dependable company like Texas International Freight to know all the rules and regulations at the beginning of the process so your freight can get to its site free and clear of any negatively impactful debris. And follow the above links for more information on pests and Australian import requirements. With our help, export heavy machinery to Australia with confidence.

Export Heavy Machinery to Australia for the Mining Industry: There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Lithium takes over as Australia’s number one commodity as the world’s demand skyrockets. Export heavy machinery to Australia the tools to keep this industry humming along is high demand.

Most people who think of Australia don’t think of their natural resource goldmine, so to speak. We think of the Outback or koalas, sometimes putting something on the ‘barbie’. But Australia is full of tapped mines producing iron ore, diamonds, gold, natural gas to feed the world’s hunger for these common resources, most people don’t think of where or how the lithium in their cell phone batteries or electric car batteries, among other things are produced.

But the folks in Australia know and the buyers in China know. In the past three years, Australia has overtaken Chile as the world’s top lithium producer. As China prepares for stronger and more permanent measures to clean up their air quality by replacing fuel based vehicles with electric, they will demand very large volumes of lithium. But it’s not just the Asian continents with the demand, North America and Europe are also heavy buyers, so as the need increases the demand becomes astronomical. And Australian miners are going all-in on this bet.

Mining companies want to extract and process as fast and efficiently as possible to keep up with the need. Decaying and leftover equipment from the iron ore days won’t cut it. They want new, technologically advanced machinery that will give them the best bang for their buck. This is goods news for those exporting to Australia.

And this is where North American heavy machinery manufacturers could see their own boom. With trade war rhetoric between the US and China sparking new debate and analysis almost weekly, the US heavy hitters like Komatsu and Caterpillar could slide into the Australian outback before the cost of steel and parts force them to offset the added costs to their buyers. Mining these resources is only going to continue to grow. Putting themselves into the game now could solidify their foothold for years to come. Folks-in-the-know are studying how to export heavy machinery to Australia.

In a perfect scenario, it would take one week of meetings between an Australian mining company, a US heavy machinery manufacturer, a US Freight Forwarder, and a shipping company with direct sailings from the US west coast to Australia to create this bubble of opportunity. But that’s a perfect scenario.

Texas International Freight can bridge that gap. Talk to us about what it’s necessary to export heavy machinery to Australia before the supply bowl is full and murky. We can help export heavy machinery to Australia for the mining industry, the oil industry, the natural gas industry, construction, etc. And it is not just machinery we can ship. If you have oilfield country tubular goods, LNG plant, heat exchangers, drill rigs or offshore rig components, we can help. Basically, any industry that has a need to ship to Australia has a reason to call Texas International Freight.