How To Ship Pipe

Oil Pipe

How To Ship Pipe

Texas International Freight ship pipe worldwide for a number of industries. We ship pipe for the oil and gas industry, like OCTG, casing, and drill pipe. We ship seamless pipe for applications such as telecommunications and mining. And we ship pipe that is plastic, and other types of PVC pipe.

Ship Oil Pipe
Casing ready to load

Texas International Freight doesn’t just ship pipe to and from the United States. We charter vessels for large lots of pipe for shipments going between most any port pairing imaginable.

The handling and transportation of steel pipe require special equipment and training. Texas International Freight are professionals, experienced in handling a wide range of pipe. We know how to ship pipe that is chrome plated, for example. Next, we know how to ship extremely large OD casing efficiently and safely. Also, we know how to ship small OD seamless pipe with bolsters and wine racking. Further, we know how to skid R2 pipe for containerization. Last, we know how to bundle R3 pipe in slings for shipping via vessel charter. Plus, our facilities located in and near the Port of Houston are able to accept and ship pipe to and from trucks easily. We have access to acres of pipe yards for storage and transfer. Our dispatchers can schedule delivery trucks for short notice orders.

Some of the types of pipe that we ship worldwide:

ship pipe OCTG
We Ship Pipe like OCTG
  • Casing
  • Drill pipe
  • Production Equipment
  • Gas pipe
  • General oilfield repair of production equipment
  • Line Pipe
  • New oil related tubulars
  • New Oilfield pipes
  • OCTG
  • Oil and gas pipe
  • Drilling pipe
  • Oilfield pipe
  • Pipe fittings
  • Oil well pipe
  • Pumping Units
  • Seamless pipe
  • Seamless tubing
  • Sucker Rods
  • Trucking
  • Tubing
  • Used oilfield pipes
  • Welded pipe
  • Welded tubular products

Why Ship Pipe with Texas International Freight?

Our aim is to deliver dependable, cost-effective solutions to ship pipe. We are straightforward and we don’t play games in handling your multimillion dollar shipment of pipe. We value and treat our vendors with respect.  Because of this, you benefit from the strength of our relationships that we leverage to gain advantage over our competition in terms of pricing and superior service from Texas International and from our sub-contractors.  Our knowledge, relationships, and philosophy help us continue our continuing growth.

Texas International Freight have gained invaluable experience working in oil and gas logistics.  We have developed specialized, professional and dedicated project logistics capacities to fulfill all of your shipping pipe parameters. We can assist on all tender proposals where a local knowledge is required for specific local requirements and restrictions, as well as a global knowledge on how to achieve the best solution. No matter how demanding, challenging your operation or the delivery is, Texas International Freight will do its utmost to ensure timely delivery of your pipe shipments.

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